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Snap-On YA250 parts problem

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  • Snap-On YA250 parts problem

    I know this is not the Snap-On forum! ...but there are alot of knowledgeable welders on this site - that's for sure! So thought it worth asking anyway....

    A coworker of mine has one of these and needs some parts for it (metric? woodruff key for wire spool) and can't find anyone who knows anything about it. He said that he called Snap-On and they act like they don't know that P/N. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    McMaster Carr or The Fastenal Co. should be able to help him. All he will need is the measurements of the key.


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      I would try a local import auto or even motorcycle shop. A good hardware store might even have it. My local Ace stocks some metric hardware too.


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        Also try Granger supply they have all kinds of neet stuff that you never know when you'll need. My local bearing supply also has metric woodruff keys.
        Good luck,


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          Thanks for all the woodruff key sugestions. Granger is also here in may be worth a try. My friend has been to the best place around here (ACE hdw) that stocks these and found one that was "close" but admitted that it didn't fit all that well and ended up breaking so he was thinking that is was some oddball (or metric?) size and/or perhaps heat treated.

          He was hoping to get back to the original manufacturer to see if he could get one from them. Anyone have one of these or know who these were originally manufactured by?

          Thanks again!


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            It MAY have been made by Century. A lot of Snap-On welders were. But without the model and serial number, it will be hard to tell.