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Opinions on XMT 300 cc/tig

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  • Opinions on XMT 300 cc/tig

    Hello! I have MIG experience, but no TIG experience. I'm looking for a buy once, never need anything bigger TIG set-up capable of doing everything from body work to frame work.

    Found this on ebay and it seems like it might work. It's a XMT 300 cc/tig. Any input would be appreciated-especially on approximate value w/out any accessories. I would just download the manual, but it's not available for download.


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    I don't think you could go wrong buying it. That looks like its based on PowCon technology. Keep checking here and at Hobart. Factory experts hang out both places.

    Forgot to mention that adding a Tig torch, flow meter and cylinder should run you $350 or so depending on brand of torch and size of cylinder.


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      Try this link and see if it works for youXMT 300 CC/Tig Manual It may be password protected...

      I have a couple customers that have had these machines for quite a few years and have had real good luck with them. I assume that you are aware that this is a DC only machine, great for S/S and carbon steel, but not for aluminum use.


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        Yep, it's password protected.

        I thought about the lack of a/c, but realistically I doubt I'd ever use it. My main concern was getting sufficient power and duty cycle. The fact it has pre/post-flow, range adjustment, remote, crater fill is just a nice bonus.


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          Welcome to the site!

          The XMT series was designed and built before we purchased Powcon. It is of MILLER design and was a nice little DC only tig welder. If it still works. The only downside to the older version XMTs were that the auto link circuit was still in it's infancy and went through some updates. If you can verify that it works and the service history, it would be a good buy if you got it cheap enough.

          Good luck



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            How cheap is "cheap enough"? I figured spend $700 or so + $300 later for accessories. I don't think I can get that kind of power and those features for the same price if I bought new.

            And is it expensive to upgrade the auto-link circuit? I wouldn't need a new board would I?


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              For me, $500-600 would be a deal, $700 would be ~O.K. The autolink relay pcb along with some filters I believe. Try to get a "proof of function" from the seller.



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                xmt 300 cc tig dc only

                thanks!! this is a great stick machine .older model.92 or 1993.i would love to tig with this machine but by the time i get a foot control -torch with adjustment-adapter for the torch i'll be into it around 5 or 600$ even then i'll be scratch starting or lift? and i'll be on the learning curve for some time just to get it right.i am not mr money bags but does anyone have an opinion wheather i should go this route.and for the money it well worth it? or would it be a good idea to start from scratch and look for a medium low level tig specialty machine? any opinions would be sooooo appreciated.xmt 300 cc tig dc only.