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Dynasty 200dx power limit running on 110v

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  • Dynasty 200dx power limit running on 110v

    i have read on the board about the limits of the 200dx while running on 110v. Is there something that automatically prevents you from running amperage higher than 150? Or is it more of a case where you should know better that to run it higher than 150.


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    It is my impression from reading the related posts that the limit is more of a limitation of the 110v circuit itself in how much power it is able to provide rather than a function of the welding equipment.

    I could be wrong on this and if I am, please let me know.

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    Ogier de Corbiel


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      HAWK, Andy, and others are experts with this machine, but until they chime in, I can tell you that the Miller catalog says that the duty cycle limitations on units with 115V input power are due to the input power cord supplied with the unit.

      Makes sense, and I wonder how that is related to top-end power, even for short duty cycles. After all, at 120V versus 240V you are drawing twice the input amperage to get the desired output.

      That said, what would happen if you replaced the input power cord with, say #10AWG, and then plugged it into a 120V, 30A RV outlet?


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        The Dynasty will limit the maximum output rather than opening the circuit breaker on your input supply. The digital display should actually read 200 amps, but the machine will only yield what it is capable of according to the input power. A 30 amp 120VAC circuit on 10 gauge wire will give you a higher amperage output than a 15 or 20 amp branch input circuit on 14 or 12 gauge wire respectively. A larger input supply cord may slightly increase your duty cycle and/or output amperage on a dedicated 30 amp 120VAC input circuit. I don't recommend it as the gain will be marginal at best. If you had a 50 amp dedicated 120 volt input supply on 4 or 6 gauge wire hardwired directly to the machine, then an 8 or 6 gauge input cord in the unit would probably give more than marginal gains. The amount of time and effort spent for such a high amperage 120VAC dedicated circuit could be expended on adding a 240VAC line for the Dynasty at the same expense.


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          thanks HAWK, that makes sense. The reason i ask is that i was running my 200dx off an outlet with a measured 119v and a 20 amp breaker. The front panel of the machine was showing between 175 and 180 amps.

          This machine continues to amaze me every time that i use it.


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            Was this during arc on time? Pretty amazing indeed!


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              I like to think of it as a rev limiter

              That's what it sounds like to me when trying to get more out of it on 110V power. It will hit a point where it says "no more" and will start skipping.

              Once you go above 190V, you should get full power.



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                yes, the readings of 175 to 180 was during arc time. i thought i would be lucky to 150 on a 20amp circuit, but was amazed i was getting that much power.

                The circuit would trip after a bit, but as long as i gave the machine a rest and waited for the fan to turn off it was fine. Not something i would want to do everyday, but it worked for the short amount of time that i needed it.