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Bobcat problem update

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  • Bobcat problem update

    Things are great. Got momentary B+ at terminal 4 and the alternator jumper to life. Aux power is good.

    Next step is to try the welder side. Have to fab a sturdier alt mount first.

    At least I know I don't own a boat anchor.

    Don. I see a strange bright light. I think its's the sun......


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    Let us know how or if it welds. Just kidding. I am sure it will do fine!


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      Was it what you thought? I was wondering if the Kohler was going to present any wiring problems. I didn't think it would be anything major, just head scratchers. Coupler still holding up?

      I lost my sunshine today and it rained! Got to complete a slab today and pour it tomorrow. I wish I had more time to tinker with my Bobcat. Oh well, maybe next week.


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        Bobcate update


        Have to publicly fess up. Because the Kohler and Onan wire harness are different I caused my own problem. I was using jumper cords and a remote starter switch to get things going. If I had wired the starter to the Bobcat switch I wouldn't have had a problem. In the start position you get momentary B+ at terminal 4 which provides excitation voltage.

        Actually the Kohler is easier to wire. When you get ready to start yours use the Bobcats switch after running 12 VDC to it. If you have any problems I have it nailed down now. Will work on the run/idle solenoid after I confirm that it welds.

        The couplers are not going to last for the long run. Will swap them out with the Lovejoys when I get all the bugs worked out.

        We both need some relief from the rain. We got nailed again right after I said the sun was out.....