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  • quick connects for inert gas cnx

    Is there any reason I can't/shouldn't use a quick connect (industrial type) for the inert gas connection on my Maxstar 200? Since its a multiprocess welder I'd like the ability to switch between them w/o tools. Here's what I'm considering:
    My TIG torch uses a single line and as such the connector at the welder accomodates a line going off to the gas port in the front of the welder. Instead of having to screw the hose into this port Id like to put a quick connect on it and the line giong to the torch cable. What do you think? Ive never seen a welder 'plumbed' this way which is why Im asking.

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    There are Q/C's made for exactly what you wnat to do. I understand the cost a few bucks for the type that exclude dirt, etc. from the hose when disconnected. I've seen a shop in town that has them on everything. Next time I make the trip, I'll ask about them.

    Be well.

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      Hi, Iv,e been looking at doing the same thing but haven't found the right parts yet. The Miller road show truck uses them but I forgot what brand they are .The guys had a couple of brands but were partial to the "yellow" ones. Maybe if this rings a bell with some one over there they can chime in. Thanks, JEFF
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        I just bought Quick connects for my shop. The company that makes them is Western Enterprises. I got them from my local welding supply dealer. He had to order them and it took about a week to get them


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          Is the Western QDB-34 the part number needed to connect the gas line on a Dynasty 200DX? I ASSume it is, seeing as how Argon is an inert gas, and it is listed as being used to connect a line to the machine.

          I too have been searching for something like this as I like to put stuff away when I'm done and constantly having to keep wrenchs around to remove the torch hose is annoying. Glad to see they make a easy to use solution.

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            First, thanx for the replies. They are very helpful. I'm glad I asked b/c I was going to use industrial compressed air connectors. I did find the Western website
            Designing and manufacturing products for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases to the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets.

            and looked it over. Too bad there wasn't more detail. I think these connectors are unlike common compressed air connectors in that both male and female seal out the outside atmosphere when disconnected. Sound right? Also its unclear if I can just connect my branch hose into one of these or if I need some intermediate plumbing as a bridge. I think I'll contact them for more information and post it if anyone is interested.


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              I like the western quick connects for my plasma torch, due to directional flow of water, check valves and the need for 2 water/ current lines and 2 argon lines. But for the tig torch, i like the Rectus #20 for gas and #21 for water. These connectors are much smaller and Weldcraft sells them. There are several combonations to choose from. Also i use quick connecting amphenol/ sine connectors. They have a collar that slides back to release, just like the QC fittings described above.


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                I looked thru my gas suppliers catalog and they only handle Superior Products fittings. Anyone familiar w/ them? Superior doesn't appear to make as many 'flavors' of QC as Western.


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                  For the tig you said rectus 20 and 21. Who makes the rectus line? just curious. I've been wanting to do Q/C's on my dynasty for some time.
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                    I also have a Dyna300DX and about a dozen torches. The Rectus type 20 and 21 were commonly used by Hobart Advance Systems on the Orbitig and Talon machines. You can buy the adaptors to go from rectus to standard gas and water fittings from weldcraft, PN ZCHK-G for gas and ZCHK-W for water. The bulkhead recepticals i get from Liburdi Dimetrics, PN 121381-2 water, PN 121381-1 gas. The bulkhead recepticals are check valved, but the hose connections are not. It is important to blow out the torch after use before you store it until you need it again.


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                      I have Weldcraft ones that work great. It's called the QCS system. Not sure of all the individual part numbers but the water cooled kit nuber is: QHK-1 welding station hookup kit.

                      Good luck



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                        I have a small Parker ST series quick conn (for hyd lines with a 1/8" pipe fitting) that I am going to put on my MM185 to hook up the spoolgun. It will be easier than sliding off the spring clamp everytime I need the spoolgun..Bob
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                          I thought a follow up might be in order. First, I think this is the first inert QC my dealer has ever any case he wasnt familiar w/ them. The other problem was the WP catalog. Unless you knew their products well theres no way you could make an informed choice based on the catalog alone. With some large amt of head scratching we figured part #QDB34 was what I needed and the order was placed. (BTW the QDB34 item is really 2 pieces.) Two weeks later the part shows up and all looks good until I attempt to hook it up. While the connectors were correct for my Maxstar 200/CK torch the flow direction was wrong. After talking w/ tech support at WP they suggested I use part #QBD33. So, Im planning to swap the part thru my dealer. If that doesnt work out for some reason WP said theyd do the swap directly. I will say that the WP tech support was very good. However, their catalog could use alot of work.