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    I had a similar problem with my Red SP135+ running flux core. It turned out that the spindle supporting the wire spool did not have enough friction to keep it from unwinding. I'd do a weld, the rollers would pull the wire, and when I stopped the weld (and the rollers) the spool kept on unwinding a bit from interia.

    There is a very easy, but temporary fix. Put some thin masking tape on the spindle increasing the friction. It's temporary because eventually the tape wears off - but it lasted me a small roll of flux core.


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      Originally posted by wrench3047
      .... and the screw that holds it in place twisted in half. The threads got really stripped the last time it got put together. ..... I'm debating replacing some parts or trying to extract and retap the hole.
      It never ceases to amaze me at how someone can destroy a machine over such little problems. That is where a good distributor sales or counter guy is worth his weight in welding wire. Anybody familiar with these, or any wire feed welder, could diagnose and fix 95% of feeding problems in 10 minutes and get the parts you need to fix it for a few bucks. Obviously the guy who owned this machine both A. Was not the least bit familiar with wire feed welders, and B. Did not know a dependable distributor salesman or counter guy.

      Of course, the Weldpak 100 is a discount store special, not sold through us welding supply stores, so some distributors, understandably so, do not like to service them. One big drawback of those red machines that are only sold through discount houses.

      Good luck on fixing up your machine. If you can take it to somebody familiar with this type of machine to help you out, it may save some headaches.


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        Twisted Screw??... Culprit???

        Could it be that... the damaged screw was cranked down hard enough to collapse the liner and be the major cause of binding/birdcaging of the mig wire??? when you do get it apart ....would take a close look at the liner where the retaining screw made contact for evidence of crushing... and when replacing..that screw it should be just snug enough to capture and retain the liner and no tighter... if worried about it loosening use a little bit of blue locktite on the threads...
        just a thought.....
        hope this helps

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