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  • TIG Setup

    I have a Syncrowave 250 DX I want to set up for TIG. I have a Miller Coolmate 3, Weldcraft WP 20 torch, and Miller RCC-14 Control.
    I'm having trouble getting set up because none of the fittings match up. My water lines have one reg. and one left handed thread and my water cooler has both left handed threads. My argon hoses are all right handed thread and the block that attatches to the terminal leading to the torch has left handed threads. Is there somewhere I can look at how my epuipment should be set up?

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    Typically coolant lines are left handed, and gas lines are right handed. I have seen some that are *******ized though. I am assuming that you bought your set-up used. There is a pretty good picture in the Coolmate 3 manual...Manual

    Also, if you didn't get a manual with your Syncrowave, one will prove very helpful...250DX Manual ......this one will take a while to download, 92 pages, but full of useful information that you will need to fully utilize the capibilties of your machine.

    It sounds like you may need to visit your local supplier and get some fittings and adaptors to complete the hook-up.


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      Welcome rdop,

      The water lines should all have left hand threads unless someone changed one. The argon line is a right hander.

      One left hand small fitting from the torch goes to the watercooler (OUT) fitting and the big left hand fitting from the troch goes to the big brass block that gets bolted to the Sync 250's electrode output stud. The other side of the big brass block is a small left hand fitting that gets an extension hose that goes to the remaining left hand fitting (IN) on the water cooler. Argon hose from torch goes to solenoid fitting on front of Sync250.

      Hopefully nobody messed with the fittings or you may have to start with a new torch kit.

      Good luck.



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        Tig Setup

        Thanks for the help guys. I got it hooked up after visiting the miller website and referencing the "Tig Welding Guidelines". What had me screwed up was the fact that the power supply is running with the water line and not the gas line as in an air cooled torch.
        Thanks again for the help.


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          It's hard to go from air cooled to water cooled without ever hooking up a water cooled torch. It seems all backwards. However, when you think about it the power cable is what needs to be cooled, in addition to the torch head, so why not run the coolant with the power cable up to the torch head. I am glad you got it going! Enjoy!!!