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chrome moly cert ?

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  • chrome moly cert ?

    i read that someone wanted a c.m. cert i was out at REDS plant in cleveland (sorry) and i got a c.m. cert its not aws but **** its good enough for me !

    you have to notch two pieces and then tig it with er/70s rod.....

    then they put it in a fixture and it has to pass a certian amount of psi. the weld held and the surronding metal broke at 5800 psi !

    i was so happy, plus i got to do some inconel and mag and titianum !!!


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    sounds like you had a fun day.
    was there a bill for all this fun ????
    might just take a trip ??
    wonder if miller could do same ??
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      AROUND 3 grand total, for the basic course /advanced course two weeks in the hotel. airfare. rental car and food.

      and the funniest thing is that im a MILLER GUY. even have a miller hat that i wear while i weld...... red was busting my stones with that one !!



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        Sounds like you had a good time! You mentioned titanium. Was it a beta alloy? What thickness plate or tube diameter and wall thickness? What filler? Did you do a manual weld inside an argon chamber? If it was a manual atmospheric weld, did you run a gas lens with a trailing difusser or gas lens only? Bottom line: alloy, plate or tube, type of shield until it cooled below its reactive state, also prep procedure? Too many questions?

        Why all the questions? I have some beta alloy plate I'll be working with shortly and have a partial procedure. I am just looking to fill in the gaps.... For what it costs there cannot be any mistakes.


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          Originally posted by arcdawg

          im a MILLER GUY. even have a miller hat that i wear while i weld...... red was busting my stones with that one !!

          I bet you could not hear your busting stones over the red equipment busting down.... HA!


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            hawk it was gauge material and 1/8 in ti. i really dont know if it was beta or not.... i used a big cup with a gas lense and a purge block. with a trailing cup on the torch.... tig depot can help you with that.. i also TRIED ti. in a old blast cabenet that had been reto fitted for welding... the key word was tried..... its really not that hard to do... its all in the details and as far as prep goes YOU MUST HAVE PROPER GAS COVERAGE !!!!!!

            be carefull when grinding ti. its grindings are flamable......

            hawk if you need more info i will dig up the book i got out there....

            i am taking a break from tig for a while.... im on the tig 12 step program

            so i fired up the 135 today and built something for my girlfriend... if shes still my girlfriend only she could tell you..... or **** she could tell me



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              No doubt on the gas coverage! It really does bring any aluminum alloy, even recycled, into the "that's really easy" arena. Thanks.


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                on the thicker material we used the KEYHOLE techneque... WHAT A P.I.TA. but it works.... i found mag and inconel pretty easy...

                the first class i took out there i failed the c.m. bend test... it looked real good but i guess that it was cold

                and i was detirmed to get that piece of paper this time i did and man what a good day for the DAWG !!



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                  Send me what you have in the book if possible. You can email direct through the forum.