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    i just wanted to ask some peoples opinion before i go and humiliate myself at my local welding shop: i bought a miller type "Hobart Hood" auto darkening adjustable shade welding hood back in december. I whent and got it out of storage a couple of weeks ago and the auto darkening lense would only darken half of the screen. i tried to charge it in the light but i had no luck. it was stored in a safe place where it could not have fallen and was kept in a cloth helmit bag so i know it wasnt actually abused or damaged in that way. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone have any opinion of miller warrenty? will it be coverd or not, it was a very expensive hood.

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    These are well built hoods I have to believe it is a freak failure or something electronic gone silly. Try taking the battery out, kind of like resetting the computer, Its worth a shot anyway.
    I've got a speedglas and an XLix miller both have offered great service with no troubles.
    Hope it works out for you, let us know either way.


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      Sorry to hear about your trouble

      I don't think you would humiliate yourself. The hood sounds defective. What kind of storage did you have it in? I've seen this happen with hoods left in extream hot or cold areas like a metal non-climate controlled buildings. I left one in my truck last summer when it got really hot here and roasted one.

      Anyway, try bringing it in for warranty!

      Good luck.



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        You say you tried to charge it in the light. What kind of light? We have had quite a few of the Miller/Hobart hoods that come back in after long periods of non-use that 3 or 4 hours in direct sunlight have cured. Worth a try anyway.


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          i had the hood stored in a heated area kept at room temperature. It was up on a top shelf in a nice dirtbike helmet bag. Tommorow i will put it in a window in direct sunlight for the whole day. Anyone know where the battery would be on this type of hood?
          well im off to try to reset it, my neck has gotten stiff from flipping my spare jackson fixed shade big view helmit, so i hope it can be fixed!