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Dynasty 200DX and mild steel

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  • Dynasty 200DX and mild steel

    HAWK et. al.

    I'm in the market for a tig machine and am leaning towards the 200DX for all the reasons mentioned in multiple threads. One thing I have not seen mentioned is the performance of the 200DX on mild steel. It clearly is at the head of the class for aluminum up to 1/4" or so, but wanted to find out people's experience with steel in the 18 gauge to 1/4" range?

    I'm assuming it's awesome, but wanted to double-check.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have done 1/4" mild steel in a single pass with DC/argon and also have used he/ar on ac running a 95-99EN balance. I don't recommend the he or AC method other than it suits certain customer needs. If you want 1/4" capacity for steel on a regular basis, step up to the Dynasty 300DX. I think the 200 is too small for daily work with 1/4" mild steel. 3/16" mild steel is the most I would want to do an a regular basis with the Dynasty 200DX. Otherwise it is an awesome machine!


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      I can run 1" aluminum on the 300DX with 75% helium/25% argon and 1/2" mild steel is about the max on mild steel with DC/argon. Again being a bit unconventional with AC and helium I have run .750 mild steel. If you are willing to multi-pass the 1/4" on the Dynsty 200DX, then you will be in great shape: groove joint and 2 passes does great!!! I really like both machines: the Dynasty 200 and 300 DX models are hard to beat!


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        Good advice from all, not much I can add. The only thing that I would consider is whether you will be welding aluminum or not. If you want a machine for strictly mild steel and stainless, you may want to look at a Maxstar. The 200DX or 300DX models are really sweet tig machines for all DC tig applications, and will save you some money over the Dynastys. It will have that sweet Miller Inverter Arc and will do every thing you need to do, if aluminum is not in the picture. If aluminum is something you will be welding, then the Dynasty series is hard to beat, on the Aluminum or Mild Steel.


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          HAWK and klsm54,

          Thanks for the advice and thoughts. I would love the Dynasty 300DX runner about being set for life. However, the $$ and my non-everyday usage probably warrants something smaller.

          The point about aluminum is very appropriate. Right now, it would be mostly mild steel for a car I'm building, but I'm trying to plan for the future. I guess I could always sell the Maxstar.

          Any thoughts on whether or not Miller is going to rev the Dynasty series anytime soon?


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            Maybe one of the guys from Miller will chime in differently, but the Dynasty, especially the 200, is still pretty new to be ready for any major upgrades. I don't think you have to worry about old technology in this case.

            Of course there are always small improvements and upgrades being made to Miller machines, many that we don't even see or know about.


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              No major revisions at this time...maybe some additions to the family at the high end, high $$$ units.



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                The 300DX forms a puddle so quick it's unreal. I ran some fillets on 3/8" x 6" 6061T-6511 coupons Friday at 190 amps, 100% argon, 175HZ, 65%EN and still had room to go on the pedal (just a little). 3/32" lanthanated tungsten alloy will handle all the way up to 300 amps on argon!

                The 200DX is also a great machine! Even though I own and really like the Dynasty 200DX ; it would be very misleading and wrong to suggest this machine is capable of anything over 3/16" aluminum or mild steel on a regular basis. I have pushed it to the max on both, but in good conscience say the Syncrowave 250 or the Dynasty 300DX is the way to go for everyday work on 1/4". JWELD had a 1997 Syncrowave with practically no time on it for sale. You may want to email him and see if it's still for sale.