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punching holes in SS

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  • HAWK

    There are numerous ways to get the holes. SS MATERIAL THICKNESS, NUMBER OF HOLES, AND FREQUENCY OF WORK WILL DETERMINE WHAT IS ECONOMICAL. What is the thickness and is your material small enough to get into a work area the size of a punch or drill press?

    (1)Greenlee used to make a set of hole cutting dies that required only a good 15" Crescent wrench to turn down the die and cut the metal. It seems like they worked pretty good up .105" plate.

    (2)If drilling is an option, then .125 and .250 solid carbide bits will last a long time.

    (3)A plasma cutter is also an option. However, if accuracy and precision on number of holes is required, then this is NOT a good way to accomplish the task.

    (*****)The ULTIMATE way is with a good ironworker. I prefer the Scotchman ironworkers. Most require 3 phase power and the punch portion is hydraulically operated as are the bending and cutting operations.

    (5)If you have a lot of holes to do and are mechanically inclined, a nice pneumatic punch with interchangable dies can be fabricated from a double acting air cylinder and steel for the housing.

    Maybe there is somebody out here who does it everyday and will chime in. I know Andy uses an iron worker as do I for tasks where the material is mobile. TAKE A LOOK AND SEE IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT: SEE ATTACHED JPEG. I know many of you will be glad to see I finally got some software so you don't have to unzip files and look at PDF files-me too!
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  • aametalmaster
    Do you have a punch press? How thick is the stainless? You can use a Whitney hand press if it's not too thick. How many hole's do you have? You can have someone else punch them it's cheaper than buying a punch press..Bob

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  • meadjug
    started a topic punching holes in SS

    punching holes in SS

    Thanks for letting me join this forum.

    I have been out of welding for 20 years,I need help.Can someone advise me on the most economical way to punch 1/8"-1/4" holes in 400SS?