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punching holes in SS

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    My unit is the Pirhana P-50 and that unit handles anything I can throw at it. I tried the others at the PRI show and am fond of the P-50. When comparing the same hole size in a common plate size, the Pirhana didn't "grunt" nearly as bad. It seemed effortless. The cost difference is quite a bit though (a few thousand$$) and unless you are using it alot, a Scotchman or other less expensive brand or even a used unit would be the way to go.
    Check out these links.

    Or goto and do a search.

    Good luck



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      I called Scotchman and that machine, XL 5075, was made in low 80's , it's a 50 ton and the 75 stands for 7.5" throat on the punch. It's 3ph 5hp.
      For those reading this and not familiar with Ironworkers they basicly bite metal (angle, flat, round) or punch holes in it taking only seconds to do it using hydralics. They are fun to use especially if you have cut much stuff with chop or band saws or torch.


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        Thanks to everyone for all the information,it has been a great help.
        I have found a Whitney press I think will do the job.
        many,many thanks to all.