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  • fun4now

    teflon liner seems to be elouding me and my local dealer??
    we have found that the M-10,M-15,M-25,and even the M-40 share the same liner's. however the 2004 welding components and parts guide lists a monicoil liner for alum. it is just oversized. if you can tell me where to locate a teflon liner (perhaps older parts listing)i would be happy to look into it.not shoure but could be miller thinks spool gun if you do a lot and just oversize for the once in a wile kinda like using a .035 tip on .030 wire.witch makes sense if i had lots of alum. to do im shoure i would set up with the spool i only have a little here and there a designated m-10 with oversized liner and tip will be a low $ way to go.

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  • H80N
    very true... now live in a small town where personal care is more important than ever... yet some businesses still do not get it the day of retail giants like walmart etc... most of us would rather buy local if we could get it... rather than make the 30 mile trip to the big city...(one way) think your story was a parable about the whole world as it is now... yep I buy Miller because it is the best.. both in equipment and people... and not in the least that it is made in America... but make no mistake.. I would purchase the best equipment to serve my customer.. no matter where it was made.. the Miller example would serve a lot of our domestic industry well..
    ... and btw.. think you will find that teflon liner.. just the ticket for steel wire as well...
    take care

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  • klsm54
    Always good to hear positive stories about customer care...

    When you inquire about a product, or request information on the Miller website, a Sales Lead is generated and is passed on to a Miller Distributor in your area.

    When I get them,if there is an e-mail address, I always try to answer the potential customer by e-mail. If there is not an e-mail address, I usually turn it over to the salesman who covers that area. It is a great service that Miller does for us, the distributors, and you, the endusers. I am always for anything that improves customer service.

    DDA52....Great advice. We all wear both hats at some point. That of customer, and that of merchant. Treating customers like you want to be treated should be everyones goal. Another way I always like to look at it is...Remember all the times you were treated poorly, and treat your customers the opposite, learn from other peoples mistakes. It is much easier than learning from your own.

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  • fun4now

    i forgot to mention that this grocery store was only here for 11 months and it was a big name store right at the entrance to oure town. should have done great. i wished we had 1 when i moved here 2 years ago was happy to se it come here . and in less than a yeari and aparently many others were happy to see it leave.
    oh well just hope for better store next time
    gota think positive.

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  • DDA52
    Great story! As a business owner, I always appreciate reminders as to customer care or lack thereof. We're all customers at some point. It just makes good sense to always treat your customers the way YOU would want to be treated as a customer!
    Miller is an excellent example. I have never had a reason to complain about anything blue. I have always recieved prompt professional care. They sometimes even go the extra mile and it has been noticed and appreciated. That is why they are the ONLY welder under my roof.


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  • Qrazy
    Thanks for sharing the story

    THanks...My guess is that email you received was generated by signing up for this forum or from Millers webpage. I say this because I received teh exact email the other day from a local Miller distributor in my area. Its all good, take advantage of any resources you have available to you....

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  • SoCalTA
    Good story ........

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  • fun4now
    started a topic llesson 4 all

    llesson 4 all

    not shore if this is the right forum for this lesson as it really makes better business men and better people rather than better welders but in the last week I was given a perfect example of both sides of the lesson.
    here is the short version.
    there is only 1 person that a company no matter how big or small cannot survive without.
    the customer !!!

    we all must learn this sooner or later. some learn the easy way (by other peoples mistakes) others learn the hard way (you're own mistakes)
    hopefully our up and coming star welders like our young tanner will learn the easy way.

    here are the examples I got this week.
    last Friday night I posted a question here about mig on good feedback and info. was having trouble with options as to if alum. kit was available 4 my machine mm135 or if I could upgrade my gun to be able to use Teflon Sunday night I was pretty shore of my only options and what I needed to do.
    too my great surprise Monday morning I had an a- mail from a local miller dealer .it read

    " I was notified by miller electric that you may have a few questions regarding one or more pieces of millers welding equipment. Please feel free to contact myself or any other salesman here at Jackson Welding Supply"

    and at the bottom was his address,phone #,and e-mail
    how great is that (i still have no ideal how he found out i didn't bother to ask as I thought it a good thing) I e-mailed him a request for some prices .within about an hr. I knew how much the liner and a complete gun setup would cost and more importantly was given warning that the gun was an ordered only part but he could have it for me in 3 days.
    I was so pleased I picked up the phone just to say thanks in person .at that point he helped me with several other ??? I wasn't even aware I should have asked.
    Clearly our beloved miller has learned this lesson. probably back when "miller" was a man in his all our great advantage now that "miller" is a huge corporation and clearly making the best product on the market "miller" still acts like a man in his garage across the street willing to stop, listen and help!! clearly we the customer are #1.

    on the other side of the coin.
    yesterday as I drove home I saw this sign in front of what used to be our only grocery store.

    store to the south 20mi.
    store to the north 10 mi.

    our town no longer has a grocery store.they never learned the lesson!! as you can tell by their parting words to our little town they felt that because they were the only place to shop for food they didn't need to listen to or even be polite to there customers.
    and now they have no customers.

    I hope that this post isn't too far out of the scope of this forum. I was just so pleased with the treatment I continue to receive from miller and was so boldly reminded of this lesson I felt the need to share it if we all act as miller dose in our business and life we will all be better welders and people.
    Sorry so long winded
    And thanks to miller for this forum.