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you have to excuse me i welded alot of galivinized pipe during puberty

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  • you have to excuse me i welded alot of galivinized pipe during puberty

    I think it effected my speemelling checker
    or methed up my gramber
    Nevertheless I have another qestion to bother you
    with hope im not becoming a pest When welding
    aluminium with a mig can you run ,or should you run
    continuous High Frequency as you might with a tig?
    for arc stabalazation etc also how much collet set back
    in the gas nozzell should you run with aluminium wire?
    Thanks for your help again
    your friend steve grammerrman
    P:S does H/F ever shock the crapper out of u when
    the arc jumps to the filler rod before it jumps to the work
    ????? Makes my Nads Grammer but after that it kinda leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside ya think
    TIG TAG TOE that presses pedal should read put rod to work
    before tip towing oll smarty sparks for a minit
    but the ya get a strait buzzz

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    High frequency is the most common method of starting the AC TIG arc. Continuous high frequency is used on some TIG machines to help stabilize the arc. Miller's newer TIG inverters like the Dynasty series use high frequency to start the arc but it is not continuous.

    High frequency is not used in the MIG process. MIG welding of aluminum is a DC process. I usuaully have the contact tip flush with the gun nozzle and run with a 3/4" wire stickout.

    Properly set up and grounded high frequency should not shock you. A number of years ago there was a welder running TIG on an with an engine drive and a high fequency box and did not ground the HF box or welder. He ran this way for years. One day something went wrong and he becae the ground for the HF and it killed him. It was also a rainy day. There were other factors involved. I have never had a problem wwith HF starts or continuous HF on any machine.


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      There are a lot of nice people on this forum with a sincere interest in welding as a hobby and a profession. We will be more than happy to help you and anybody else with our knowledge and experience. "ASK ANDY" is a very well educated and experienced welder. He is always capable of filling the gaps that we can't quite jump. He is also very professional as are other the other forum members. Language offenders and others have been banned before. This forum is a valuable asset. THANKS TO MILLER FOR SHARING SUCH A VALUABLE RESOURCE! Please clean up your act and do not ruin it for you and for us.


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        Thanks, HAWK. Couldn't have said it better myself...

        Be well.

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          yep HAWK put it pretty well... since you are new here.. we should clue you in...this forum is a quite different form from the "free for all" anything goes types that are out there... many of the folks that contribute also allow their children to view and learn............ sooooooooo we must be careful with our language... and besides.. the coarser form of expression does not add any content.. welcome aboard and hope that you now understand our format.....

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            You are correct gentlemen, Thank You...JEFF
            200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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              Caught a re-run of Clark Howard radio show today. He is apparently having problems with chatter on some of his message boards also. He requested that those involved clean up their act. He pointed out that his boards exist for education and information sharing not for recreation.