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Longer Cord on Mig

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  • Longer Cord on Mig

    Since I use my Vintage all over my shop, would replacing the factory cord be o.k. to say 25' instead of constantly using an extension cord?? If so, should I increase the gauge size?


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    I would change the cord. You will find the primary cable goes straight to the on off switch. Use 8/3 at least. Its and easy change. Just remember to unplug before you open the case....


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      No problem replacing the cable. I would use 8/3 for a 25ft. extension.


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        how bout getting a 220v ext cord made up so you dont void the warrenty !

        i would do that first !



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          That is what makes Miller Electric such a great company. I don't know what the actual warranty states, but at least in my experience, and that is with literally hundreds of Miller warranty claims over the last 20 years, I have never had a claim rejected over something like changing a power cord. As long as the owner didn't do something stupid, Miller has always, 100% of the time, stood behind the product.

          I understand what you are saying though arcdawg, I have seen power tool manufacturers refuse warranty because a plug was changed, even though the replacement plug was heavier duty and the problem was not related to input power. At times, it pays to be safe, rather than sorry. A replacement power cable would be a lot cheaper than an extension cord, no female receptacle to buy, and make a neater package, no connection to get wet, pull apart, or trip over. Either way it will work just fine though.


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            I too have never rejected a claim for changing the power cord. I probably can count the times on one hand over 6 years that I spend as a service rep that warranty was denied by me.
            The only reason I like the extention cord is that if you don't need to use it, it hangs on the wall. Less cord hangin' on the machine. If you regularly need the extra reach however, go for the cord swap.

            Have fun!



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              Originally posted by ASKANDY
              I probably can count the times on one hand over 6 years that I spend as a service rep that warranty was denied by me.
              Do tell! We already know this has to be good! And for the record, my heartfelt thanks go to Andy for replacing the gun on my MM175. The gun only had a 90-day warranty, even though the box is still under the 3-year warranty. Customer service is what makes MILLER the choice of those who know.


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                Everything I denied was from operator abuse or stupidity. You see quite a bit of it and most of the time the dealer service guy will tell the customer "this aint goin to fly" but sometimes they try to sneak one past you...