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    I just got my syncrowave 180 SD today with no gas bottle so I tried it in stick mode. WOW!! This is one of the nicest welding machines that I have ever used. I was amazed with the softness and quality of the arc. In school I use a Dimension 302 and would have to say the 180 has a better arc but I may be wrong. So to get to my question. I was hoping that somebody could give me a part number on a TIG concumables kit for #17 torch. If there is not one avalible then what would be a good selection of parts.

    Thanks for any input

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    Look in the owners manual or on Miller's site. Don't know what they cost locally, but I have seen consumables pretty cheap at IOC's site.


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      Miller's accessory kit for the #17 torch is AK-2. It includes sample thoriated tungsten, collet bodies, collets, back caps and cups for .040" through 3/32" .


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        Thanks Hawk and Cope I will most likly get them through a local dealer with my bottle of gas. I just can't wait to TIG with it!