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    I was wondering if I could get a few views on pulsed MIG machines.

    Currently we are using Fronius Transpulse Synergic 3200s for manufacturing aluminium boats. Apparently these machines are meant to be the best thing since sliced bread, but I have only heard this said by people who actually own them. Here in Australia, it seems that obtaining consumables for these welders can be pretty difficult and for some reason they seem don't seem to be the most reliable of machines.

    I would really like to hear how the Miller Pulsed MIG machines compare in terms of both features and reliability and performance.


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    Hi Andy249. Nice to hear from somebody "down under". I personally am not familiar with the equipment you are using, so cannot make an intelligent comparison.

    I work for a large distributor and can tell you this. I have a couple customers that use the Millermatic Pulser on light gauge aluminum that would bite off your hand if you tried to take this machine from them. Both of these customers are in the sign business and use the machines quite a bit, but probably not like you would in a boat production line.

    Here is a thread about a new Miller machine that will soon be available that may be of some interest to you...

    Millermatic 350P


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      Welcome aboard klsm54 is on the money with the new mm350p. If you are thinking a multi-process machine would fit take a look at the Invision 354mp or the xmt304 I have used the 354mp in pulse mode and it is awesome. The machine is very tunable and easy to learn on, it will spoil you to traditional mig.

      Keep us up on the welding business in your part of the world, it will be interesting to learn what the trends are there.



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        I agree. For the money, the 350P is a great choice. If you need the ability to change pulse settings remotely, the XMT 350 and XR push/pull feeder and optima control is a great combo too. The XMT 350 is also a autoline machine that will run on any voltage from 200-600V
        Not sure if the 350P is available down there yet. Thats international's department



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          I've drafted this reply over a few days so please bare with me if it doesn't make a lot of sense!!

          Thanks for the replies so far, I'll definately have to keep my eye out for the mm350p, maybe even have a go on the 354mp as well! Miller equipment here in oz is pretty rare though! Alot of it has been rebadged to WIA and to get up to date info from those guys is hard, hence why I am here!

          The ability to change settings remotely would be a BIG wish!! That is one good thing about the Fronius, so I might look in the XMT350, I've just gotta get a little time to research it all fully!! If anyone is interested in the specs that the Fronius that I have used has, you can view it here:

          I'll do my best to keep you informed on what is happening down under in welding circles!

          "Its the way it spatters that matters!"


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            I have compared the Fronius TPS series to the Miller Axcess series and the Fronius won hands down. The Miller pulsing action is a joke. The Miller reps have no idea how to set up there own machines and really don't seem to care.


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              dbric36, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, you may want to tone it down a little if you expect any advice on this forum. Just a word to the wise. Good luck


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                Andy249, what does MMA, and MAG stand for....I have a feeling I should know this The Fronius looks like a nice unit.....even includes a "human torch holder" they send a nice babe to hold the torch for you?...or it grabs you as you burst into flame??
                Arcin' and Sparkin', Rocky D

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                  MMA would stand for Manual Metal Arc (Welding) one would assume, gotta love a world full of blasted acronyms! I've worked out the welding trade is nearly as bad as computers

                  MAG is Metal Active Gas (welding), this is where a shielded gas such as CO2 is used instead of an inert gas such as Argon (which is where MIG comes from, Metal Inert Gas).

                  I was thinking of commissioning a feasibility study to utilise the stray arc radiation, maybe in exchange for holding the torch she could pick up a wicked tan?! Sure beat having to be in a solarium for a few hours!! he he
                  "Its the way it spatters that matters!"