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  • Auto darkening helmets

    I apologize if I'm doing a repost here, but, just a simple question. Since I'm only 15, and money is an issue, are the $70 auto darkening helmets on ebay worth it? Or is it a case of "you get what you pay for?" I have no problems earning more money to pay for a quality helmet that will keep me safe.

    EDIT - I should probably add that I only weld at school (now) and its all MIG/SMAW no more than 150 amps.

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    Rather than buy a cheap auto hood I would recommend a lightweight hood with a #10 mirror lens(gold). Jackson makes the Journeyman auto hood which will run around $150.


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      Tanner, I agree. Rather than throw away that kind of money, save a little longer to get a higher quality helmet. A helmet is always getting tossed around or dropped off a machine or slid on the ground from under a gets abused. Get a better one. It doesn't have to be a $300 one unless you expect to do some precision tig work at low amps but get a brand name one that can back it up. This is why MILLER offers many different helmets in all price ranges.



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        The XLix is a great hood about comperable with the speedglas9000x and optrel satalite, 2 sensors, variable shade 9-13, and sensativity adjustment. Its around $200 and If I thought of a Set shade at $150 or $50 more for it, no question XLix very nice. The black is even a bit cheeper, mine is a stars-n-stripes and it retails at $230 so I think you can do better at BR welder! By the way I had a journeyman from Jackson and the miller and speedglas are much better.


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          Yeah, I like the Uvex Satallite..its variable 5-14...thats really nice...too bad about the price. I'll probably just get the low-end black hobart/miller hood


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            I would rather see you do that than a cheap non-branded. The fixed shade auto immediatly made me a better welder and I think it will help you also. Keep learning and don't quit, I'm 37 and just took a final in overhead stick, tonight. I didn't do as well as I expect from myself but I'll pass probably a B!
            Be well'


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              no plans on quitting here!