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i want to weld like this

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  • i want to weld like this

    what is the technique used in this pic it was welded with a mm210 the same welder i have, i get nice beads but i would really like some that look like this, anyone that knows the secret please share

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    Actually the welds in that picture are more than likely poor quality, because the operator is using way to large of a circular motion. The stack look should be much tighter. Here is a sample pic with the oscillation included. BTW, this was also produced with a MM 210.
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      Yeah i like the look of the weld but i would trust your example for the strength, both are good looking welds, i am starting to get close to those types of welds, through the middle of my bead it looks great but for some reason i like to start or end the bead a little off pattern, I will get there one of these days


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        Dan's weld is of much better quality. His freeze lines are closer together. The further apart your freeze lines the more chance you have for cracking and weld failure. This could disastrous in a structural situation. I usually run a straight line bead with mig with only enough lateral motion to wash the toes.

        It's the same with TIG: The widely space frozen puddles are very pretty, but lack strength. I think Andy mentioned some of his race teams using the wider spaced welds for looks on valve covers and items where strength is not a real issue.


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          I run 1/8" wall 1-1/4" square tubing all the time with my mm210w/spoolgun The vertical parts are run downhill and I don't put a weave in it just my natural shake since the gun is heavy I shake a bit and that seems to be enough to pull it all together. I start the arc and hesitate, when the puddle opens I move down and speed increases as I move till you wont even see the puddle open it just stays open an run like **** down before it dribbles on you. It is hard to develope a rythem since it is a progressively faster rythem as you move. Welding downhill on 14ga sheet AL is real exciting you pull the trigger and get moving hard and fast the puddle is hot very fluid and your running the balance between incomplete fusion and blow through.

          I've seen your site and you have the skills, this is going to be practice more than something new.

          Hope this helps,