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  • New Big Window Elite

    Well, I finally got it. It was definitely worth the wait. Based on Hawk , Andy and a few others reccomendation, I took the plunge and got a Big Elite Hood from B&R Welder online. Miller has outdone the other brands, IMO. This hood didn't slow me down, it sped me up. So much so, I had to wait for the welder to cool down several times before I exceedeed the duty cycle. The headgear is fine, was worried about that too. The lenses resisted spatter very well. The best part is the excellent view! Everything is clear and visible, not fuzzy or too dark like some. I just gotta remember to turn it on!
    Would I reccomend this hood? Absolutely! The price is excellent compared to others that cost more and don't perform as well. BTW Andy, this hood would look excellent in Miller Blue.... hint.. hint.


    '06 Trailblazer 302
    '06 12RC feeder
    Super S-32P feeder

    HH210 & DP3035 spool gun
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    That's a great idea! I'll send you a can of MILLER paint!

    It really is a good idea.