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  • Dynasty 200 dx

    Well I did it. Bit the bullet and ordered a Dynasty 200 dx with the contractor kit from IOC. I only ordered it yesterday, so they haven't responded with a tracking number yet. I guess my next move is to purchase a bottle of argon. I hope I haven't overbought, but what the heck you have to spend your money on something. I am looking forward to laying down metal with this thing. The machines they have at school are old and scratch start. I spend alot of time sticking tungsten and then resharpening it. Lift arc will be a big help. I also can't wait to see how this thing does on Aluminum.

    Hawk and others thanks for all the help and patience in helping me finally make a decision. This was a tough one.

    W. Hatter

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    You have just stepped into the next century of welding compaired to your school machines. You will no longer be sticking tungstens, you'll be slappin' the filler metal down making killer beads.

    Congrats on a great buy.

    Have fun!



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      Yes, congratulations on the purchase of a fine machine! The "lift-Arc" is really nice on DC when you are out in the field and a foot or hand control is just extra baggage. Your AC of course is a HF start and requires either a foot or hand control. I personally prefer the foot control.


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        Good choice whatter. Overbuy? No such thing, not in this case anyway. You will absolutely love this machine. Have fun!