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    I recenlty posted thes paragraphs under the post regarding Lincoln's new TIG 185. I feel it warrants its own spot on this forum.

    You may find a good machine that you like and it might be red or even purple. What's going to happen when you need parts, technical, or even just help assistance? Did you read the post "Poor Decision" started by Patrick Carter? That right there should tell us all something.

    I have met quite a few Miller employees including Andy from this forum and Sue Feldkamp from the communications and marketing. Dave Fisher from TIG applications and I have spent many hours on the phone. I have met many others. All in all too many to mention, but thanks to all! These people are great! They care about us: the customer big and small! Some of these folks I have met a time or two and others are my friends.

    Here's the deal: Even if Miller had the second best product, we would still have the best customer service in the business! Guess what? Buy a Miller welding machine and you have the best machine available in its class and friendly helpful people to support it!

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    I must say that I agree. I have delt with Miller factory service reps and they have been more than helpfull even when it was an error on my part. When a person at the corporate level gives me his private extension, I'm impressed. The service Miller has shown to me as a customer has been amazing; Wether at the corporate service level or the local factory zone rep for the southern IL-MO area. As Iv'e said on this board before Tully P. of Miller and Tim at Cee Kay In St. Louis along with Jeff in Miller service have made me an all blue shop. I could go on in detail!!! Thanks Guys, JEFF
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      I agree with everything Hawk says. Service is everything....Bob
      Bob Wright


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        I agree also. I have never had a problem with any of my Miller equipment, but I am greatly impressed with the customer service that I have received with technical questions that I have went to Miller with over the years! The red guys I know can't even get repair parts for their stuff in a timely manner! GO BLUE!


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          The best

          I wholeheartedly agree as well. I have three "Blue" machines. Two engine driven and a new MM175. The oldest is a 1961 engine driven welder that I can still get parts for. It works as well today as it did new.



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              I have'nt needed any customer service to date. The 135 is 9-months new, and has run nearly 25 pounds of .030 out of the gun (most of which was successfully incorporated into a weld bead!) without a hiccup. Very glad I went Blue.

              Be well.

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                This forum Andy, Hawk, Heiti, Cope and others make it possible for guys that are starting, to be treated like they matter. This is a small part of customer service and I'll stay blue or grey or what ever color they come in as long as it's decals say MILLER.

                I've been loyal to certain brands over my life, Coke, Ford, Kubota, Dewalt, and now add Miller happily to the list.


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                  I've been selling welding equipment for almost 20 years now, and Miller is always my first recommendation. I have sold Lincoln, Thermal, Airco/Esab and Miller. I have seen a whole bunch of problems with each brand over the years. Miller is without a doubt, the best there is at resolving those problems.

                  One of Millers strong points is the accessibility of their people. Not just for us distributors, but for all you endusers too. The most amazing thing, to me anyway, is the way Miller kept all the good points of their service after ITW bought them. Many didn't think that would be possible and predicted a decline in service. They were wrong, at least from what I have seen. ITW seems to have a good pulse on our industry and has been very succesful with the companies it has bought in this business.

                  Another big plus for Miller is that they are always at the forefront of welding technology. They have always been, and still are, a leader, not a follower, in welding equipment technology. There were other companies that used to be great at bringing out new technology. Any list of patents in the welding industry will show that. But alas, Airco and Linde are no longer, thank goodness Miller is still with us or I dread to think how far behind we would be.

                  And of course, maybe the biggest advantage Miller has, at least in some peoples eyes, is that it is still making it's power supplies right here in the USA. To me, that means something.

                  Keep up the good work...


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                    I don't think it is possible to beat Miller's customer service. I've been BLUE since '85 and haven't had one regret. Lincoln has given me some headaches a loooong time ago. That was why we switched. Well, I actually have had one regret. I regret not buying more toys, errr machines when I had the chance a while back!


                    Happy to be BLUE!

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                      Miller can not be beat!! I am only 16 years old and bought my first welding machine at 13 and let me tell you that can be a little on the intimidating side of things. However the Miller reps have always been helpful to even a "Punk Kid" like myself.


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                        THE BEST!!!!

                        Without a doubt MILLER makes the best Engineered , Manufactured and Supported product in the welding industry... PERIOD!!!
                        and the people are first class.. Honest.. Hard working... And they Listen... many may not be aware of just how many of the design and marketing people monitor this forum.. and how important the input here is to the continuing development and improvement of the products that they produce.. just the fact that we have a forum at all says an awful lot....

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                        Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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