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Another Vintage/MM251 ?

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  • Another Vintage/MM251 ?

    Does my Vintage have a greater output or duty cycle than the MM251.
    What the diffs.

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    These are two of the welders I compared when I bought the mm210 about a year ago. As I remember the mm 251 edged the vintage slightly in power but the mm251 also had digital readout and infinite adjustability as opposed to the tap setup. I kind of thought of it as the middle ground between the 210 and the 251 but the output was closer to that of the 251. I don't remember the exact numbers.
    If your looking for another machine in mig-only the 251 also has a push-pull setup that is real cool if Al is in your wish list. This would keep spoolsize large and cost down, with the spoolgun there are no deals on small spools. A multi-process machine could be a nice addition instead, maybe alt304 or invision354mp.
    If your looking for production similarity and commonality of consumables the 251 is that, but coming soon is a new machine mm350p which might be a high amp option.
    Hope this helps,


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      The Vintage would be my first choice if I needed a new machine, but its out of production. I am sure there are some still in inventory somewhere and I know one internet dealer who is still advertising the machine.