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    The Invision 354MP has a dig adjustment on it and I've read the manual and still don't quite understand the practical use of this adjustment. I am sure I either just didn't find the right part of the manual or just didn't understand what I read. Dyslexia sometimes makes it hard for me to get through the details to the meat of the literature.

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    I have no pratical experience with the Invision. I can tell what the DIG/inductance control does on similar machines and feel sure it is the same for the Invision. The control functions as dig in the stick mode and as inductance in the mig mode.

    In the stick mode increasing dig helps the rod burn with a more forecful arc making it easier to push into the puddle without sticking or going out. This is particularly useful with the 6010 electrode. You can push the rod deep into the puddle and "dig" away at the metal while keeping the rod burning strong.

    In the mig mode the higher the inductance is set the wetter and more fluid the puddle becomes. This is especially useful for hard to burn wires like stainless steel and nickel alloys.

    For everyday stick welding with a 7018 I use about a 30% dig setting and the same inductance setting for most mig work. When burning a 6010 I sometimes crank it to the max on thick, rusty metal when welding in position. However, other factors such as position and type of shielding gas will influence those settings as well.


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      Thanks the manual just made my head swim, in overload mode. The comparison to inductance makes it all come together. I've been running this machine for a few monthes and as the saying goes if it aint broke don't fix it. So I never messed withit, the other night someone else was running the normal machine I use so I switched to another and it was set way different. I didn't like the settings and changed it to what I thought was right and it worked OK but I wasn't sure what exactly I did to make it better.

      Thanks a bunch'


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        They are nice machines, but I prefer the ALT304 to the invision. It's nice to have the DC tig for pipe. The Optima pulser makes this a great combination.