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    If there has been any regulation change on selling larger cylinders, I have not seen or heard of it. Our Company spends a lot of dollars and calories on Safety and Compliance issues, and it is hard for me to believe that this would have fallen through the cracks. If you are going to blow something up with a cylinder, would a terrorist care whether it was a leased, rented, or customer owned cylinder? Sounds a lot like most gun control laws to me....

    Hazmat fees are supposed to help us distributors recoup the expenses we acrue with Hazardous Material related issues. Things such as DOT paperwork, Insurance company regulations, Mandatory Drug and Alcohol testing, Labeling and placarding laws, FDA regulations, etc. In my eyes, and at the locations that I work out of, we only charge Hazmat fees on Gases. We don't have any added expenses, related to hazardous material laws and regulations, in selling or stocking a contact tip or clear plastic lense. However, I have heard of some companies adding the Hazmat fees to all invoices. If they do, I would hope that is a very nominal fee.