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  • which tig machine

    i've been welding for about 2 years now, mostly mig and oxyacetlene, and i want to buy a tig machind soon. i don't know that much about all the features with tig but i'm going to be taking a welding class at my local tech school. i'm looking at 3 different kinds of tig machines. i am looking at the syncrowave 250dx tig runner package, dynasty 300sd or dx or the dynasty 200dx. i looking to be able to tig weld aluminum up to 1/4 and steel up to 1/4 i would also like to be able to stick weld between 1/8 and 1/2 steel. my bueget is kind a low so i want the best bang for the buck but i also want a good quality machind that will do what i need and will last. thanks

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    I think HAWK would back me up on this recommendation of the Dynasty 200DX. It'll handle 1/4 inch no problem and with the pulse feature you can do anodized aluminum and it will help with welding cast aluminum with floating the impurities to the top. HAWK has a Dynasty 200DX and loves it, I have yet to weld with one but if I had the cash that would be the machine I would buy.

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      go with the best you will save in the long run
      i bought the miller 180 for about 1700 bottle and all sold it for 1200 lost 500 bought the miller 250 for 3300 just sold it for 2600 lost 700 now i have the dynasty dx 300 i am still getting use to the machine so far i am very happy just dont do what i did i lost a little over 1200 because i didnt go with the best.
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        which tig machine

        you said it would handle 1/4 with no problem, is that only tig welding aluminum or both steel and aluminum, i'm hoping both. Aslo i was wondering about how thick of steel your could stick weld with the dynasty 200dx and still have a decent duty cycle like at least 40% i would like to have something that could weld between 1/8 and 1/2 stick welding. i have a mig that can do 1/8 but at a 20% duty cylce it won't weld for long. also about how many amps would it take to weld between 1/8 and 1/2 mild steel if it can do it?


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          The Dynasty 200DX will do .250" steel and aluminum. It does take some time and care to get it right with pure argon. Add 50%-75% helium and the ballgame is easier to play. However, if you are looking at 40%+ duty cycle at 200+ amps check out the Dynasty 300DX. It cranks out 250 amps at 40% duty cycle! It's a totally awesome machine! I had the chance to try one last week and loved it!!!

          On stick welding you can smoke an 1/8" 5p+ or 1/8" 7018 at 60% duty cycle with the 200!