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    Just purchased a 200dx and I am having a problem regulating the amperage. I can't find that fine line, where i will melt the filler rod, but not to hot to turn the 18gauge red hot and melting the surrounding area. I think a contributing factor is that my lens is not dark enough and I really can't see what I'm doing. The glow is so bright and large that I can't even see the tungsten, so Im kind of going by feel. When I lift my mask the metal is glowing. What should I do?

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    I'll take a guess and say: use a smaller diameter filler rod.


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      You've got to see what you're doing. Get a lens. Try a 10 or 11 at least. revpol


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        I would suggest a electronic hood technology, The high and low amperage settings make adjusting shade a necessity to see what your doing there are many good options in varied prices but get one with pulse settings and shades 9-12 minamum. There are several threads about the comparisons between Optrel satalite, Miller big window elite and Speedglas 9000x. This is pointing out several thousand bucks for a machine and not having the accessories to match the quality and capacities of the machine.

        This will help,


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          I had the same problem when I was first starting Tig. The first problem I had was using too dark a setting on my hood. The second was seeing the puddle. You might look at a set of "cheater lenses". these is a small magnifier lense that hooks up inside your helmet. this is what finally fixed my problems. Remember it is all about setup.

          W. Hatter