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Dynasty 200DX vs TA185

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    APPLES and ORANGES????

    Plasma and Laser assisted plasma are sensible techniques to focus available wattage for welding in a narrow HAZ or Keyhole..and quite well understood (could provide an extensive bibliography) HOWEVER... this is worlds away from conventional TIG ........ being able to do this type of work with conventional TIG equipment is an astronomical discovery... indeed could revolutionize the industry...
    Would it be too much to ask.. for you to post a picture of a completed weld without revealing the specific techniques involved??? this would surely put any skepticism to rest while not endangering your propriatary technology....

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      I am glad that we have an understanding.

      I have talked about 2 seperate cases one was VPPA and the other was a limitation that i had to over come with a Sync180SD, a couple years ago. I have since sold the 180SD. Sorry for any confusion.

      The VPPA process that i have is not laser assisted, due to its applications of aluminum and magnesium. Also i built it around manual operation and flexible enough for semiautomated useage. I am currently looking for a digital camera, but it wont be for a little while. I will post some pics when i get the cam and some time.


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        Originally posted by Canuck
        would I have to have a water cooled torch? I now that they are better and have used them but am afraid that I cannot aford one.
        What size torch do you need? I inherited a box of three TIG torches and two of them are water-cooled. All I have are the torches, but let me know what you are looking for. One of them is still brand new, and they are different sizes.


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          Try the AC on mild steel and let me know what you think. I used this procedure to butt weld .004" electropolished hastealloy and it gave me the extra cleaning edge I needed even after manaully cleaning the ep coating from the ribbon.


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            I will give it a try in the next couple weeks, let you know.