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Is there a diffrence in brands of TIG torches

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  • Is there a diffrence in brands of TIG torches

    I an ready to buy a 20 water cooled torch. Is there a signifcant difference in Brands? If so which are better and which to avoid,



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    I prefer the Miller Diamond Back #20. It is made by Weld Craft. The Miller part number is DB20M25R. The R is for the super flexible braided hoses. Stay away from the HD heavy duty black vinyl hoses. They are not nearly as flexible! Weld Craft also makes a great torch with interchangeable heads. I don't remember the full number, but is as something like SR225 -R. It is a 225 amp water cooled torch with screw on heads. It's great because you can change heads for cylinder head work, plate fillets, etc. I would not recommend it as your first and only torch, but it is a great addition to your torch collection.

    Bottom line the Miller DB20M25R plus whatever dinse adapter, regulator, etc you will need. Give Miller a call @ 1-800-4-A-MILLER and ask for TIG TORCH applications. Dave Fisher is out of town, but Brent, Dan or one of the other guys will gladly assist you.

    I personally own 2 water cooled torches that get used everyday of the week. They are both Miller Diamond Back #20 with the braided blue, black, and red lines: Blue is water into the torch, red is the power cable and water out back to the cooler, black is the gas (argon or He/Ar mix). I have only broken a few back caps and cracked a ceramic cup once, but I can be hard on stuff and sometimes my carpal tunnel gets the best of my torches. I highly recommend this unit. Get it and let me know. No BS-just the plain truth! It does say Miller, but Weld Craft makes it for them.


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      I disagree.
      All Miller Dimondback torches are made by WNI, in China.
      Nothing against Miller, i love what Miller makes, but Miller dont make there own tig torches.

      Weldcraft, Weldtec, are premium manufactures
      CK Worldwide is the best, highest quality, best selection, awsome gas lenses, made in Auburn Washinton. CK is my choice.


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        CK is great stuff! No argument there. WELDCRAFT and WNI are both ITW Welding Companies. WELDCRAFT does manufacture torches for Miller. The WELDCRAFT representative at the Atlanta Welding Expo told me so. I cannot see a reason for him to mislead me. WNI may also manufacture torches for Miller. This I do not know. What I do know is the Miller Diamond Back #20, 250 amp rated, water cooled, super flexible braided line torch is one of 2 best torches I have ever used. I have demoed and owned all together a dozen + air and water cooled torches.


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          The diamondback torches have been produced by Miller since before ITW aquired Weldcraft and Bernard from Dovatech. Back then WNI was a part of the old "Arcsmith" group. The same factory in China was started by Steve Fife and private labels for WNI, Radnor, Miller, Abcor Binzel, and some others. You can tell the difference by the solder joints in the torches, Weldcraft and Miller are different, Miller and WNI are the same. Other differences include hose detail, mechanical hose clamps, braid of conductor, and type of silicon. I am not saying that WNI produces a junk torch, most WNI owners really like their torch.
          My applications usually require specialty torchs or components, and CK is the only company that fits the bill.


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            Regardless of manufacturer the Diamond Back torches are engineered by Miller and are produced to their specifications. Through the years Miller has used several torch manufacturers including CK some time back.