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  • Tourch size

    I just bought a new SyncroWave 180 SD and if read my previous posts, I am TIG welding together a Chromoly FED (Front Engine Dragster) chassis. Although the SyncroWave is a great machine, it comes with a 150-amp torch and I feel that I should purchase an 80-amp torch for more maneuverability….any thoughts?

    PS: The tubing ranges from 5/8" to 1 1/2" dia and a .049 wall thickness

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    Many people just replace the head to a smaller one. The handle on the torch pulls back and the head screws off. This way you don't have to purchace a whole new torch. Just go down to the local dealer and check out the Weldcraft book for the head size you want. I believe it's a WP9. These are the same size parts as a WP20 watercooled and the head is still rated at 125amps.

    Hope this helps



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      Andy is on the money as always! The little WP9 is a 125amp rated air cooled torchcapable of grabbing those tighter spots!


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        Dose the 180SD normaly come with a diamond back torch? Because the one that I ordered was used in welding competion for about 4-5 hours and I helped set them up and they had diamond back torches.


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          The 180SD comes with 12 foot 150 amp air cooled #17 diamond back. You can get the other Syncros with the #20 water cooled Diamond Back torch and Coolmate in the package deals.


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            Don't overlook the short collet body and collet that will fit the 17 torch. You can almost do exactly what a 9 torch will do with a short cup and back cap and the torch will run a little cooler than a 9. A Weldcraft or cee Kay catalog web visit will help. The 9 torch is great but if you want to make what you have work (save $)from a fellow 1320 guy give it a look. Jeff
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