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recommendations on a welder?

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  • recommendations on a welder?

    Hello all. I need help on deciding on a tig welder. I'm pretty sure the right one for me would be the Dynasty 200DX but I just wanted your thoughts and opinions.

    I was at first interested in getting a mig welder but after taking a mig welding class at my local tech school I've decided a tig welder would be a better choice after burning through an oil pan and a few other projects with the mig gun. This was mainly due to the fact that we were stuck with one size filler wire but....

    Right away (after some practice of course) I plan on fabricating some exhaust, turbo, aluminum intake manifolds and some sheetmetal parts for a project car of mine and a few of my friends. Also Probably making a grill for my father's fire pit in his backyard and other misc things around the house (maybe a welding table).

    I've been perusing the forum here and it seems a lot of you guys really like the Dynasty 200DX, especially Hawk, who seems quite knowledgable.

    Thanks in advance for the input.

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    Welcome to the site!

    I think you answered your own question With the precision you are looking for, a TIG unit is right for you! The Dynasty 200 offers the best arc control and is acually easier to weld with than a standard solid state Syncrowave once you understand the set ups. Even though it will be a bit more money than a Sync 180SD, It is also more portable and chews up a ton less power. You can also run it on 115V power if needed. Shop around, I know many here on the site can point you toward some good internet dealers or check with a local distributor.

    Good luck!



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      I recommend getting a quote from BR Welder and IOC. Both have excellent prices, free shipping and are brick and mortar dealers. After getting the quotes, talk to a local dealer or two. If the pricing is close you may save more in the long haul with your local dealer.


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        It's hard to beat the Dynasty! It is one nice machine capable of anything you can throw its way up to 1/4" aluminum plate. Do get the DX model at the added expense of $200 or so. It is worth the difference as you get pulse and sequence!