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filter argon for tig welding?

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  • filter argon for tig welding?

    Would there be any benifit in filtering the Argon when tig welding? I was reading some old post about some nascar shops getting bad argon. And then I stumbled across a sight about welding stuff for NASA were they ran the argon through some micron filter and dryers to remove any moisture.

    Seems like it would be pretty easy to add a filter, or in line dryer(like from an air conditioner) to the supply line, but would there be any need for doing so?
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    There are slight advantages to using higher purity argon. I dont know of any filtering devices, but you can purchase cylinders that are tested to a higher standard like UHP ( Ultra High Purity )
    I prefer to use liquid argon. It has no moisture and less of a chance of enducting impurities due to it being a liquid.
    Also, your price per cubic foot goes down.


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      The bad argon that some people see is usually not from contaminants of moisture but from not properly purging the tank before refill. The tank may have had a mix gas before and a trace of CO2 may still be present. Filtering would not help this issue, just send it back and try a new bottle.