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  • dynasty 300

    i have been reading here for some time i just bought a new dynasty 300 i have never used a inverter i hope to have good luck with this machine i see i have a lot of reading to do. this machine have more buttons then the NASA space shuttle
    former owner miller 180
    former owner miller 250 runner
    proud owner miller 300 dynasty

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    Rancidmilk, the dynasty300 is a decent unit, do some reading, the setting will all make sense. I have a 300DX, i think its a great machine. good choice


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      Congratulations on purchasing such a fine machine. If i can be of any help let me know. The machine is really very simple once you start using it. You think the dynasty has buttons, you should see a full optioned Aerowave.
      Mike. R

      Dynasty 300dx tig runner w/ 3 torch Versa-Tig torch changer {wt-20f, wt-24f, mt-125}
      MM 251/30a/4015 roughneck
      Miller portable spot welder
      Inferno >>> Big Window Elite


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        great purchase!

        I have 2 of the 300's and they get enough abuse to fill a dump truck and keep on tickin'. You will love it once you get familiar with the settings.




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          The newest version of the Dynasty 300DX is quite simple once you understand it. It is also laid out much better than its push button predecessor. That unit had a left to right stairstep set up for sequencing with the pulse buttons in the bottom center. Everything else was just scattered about the upper half of the panel. The one before that had dials and I don't think it had pulse, sequence or memory. Anyway I have seen all three of these units from old to new and they take a beating and keep on welding! Congratulations on owning one of the finest TIG machines Miller makes!