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Ordering 12RC Today-ANDY?HAWK

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  • Ordering 12RC Today-ANDY?HAWK

    Taking your advise and going to have Bob at BR set me up with the 12RC and going to return the MM135 received last week. Remember I have the 280NT Trailblazer, like you remember!!

    Does it come with a gun if so which one. You recomended the 250 Amp Bernard, wher can I get it??

    Also, do you run more Flux core than steel with the suitcase since it is outside?
    Miller list different guns for flux vs. steel, why. Which one if I am to buy one of these.

    Please advise asap, got to call Bob at BR


    Just got off phone wth Bob/BR.
    Can't find the Bernard 250 but has the 350-amp runs 34-45 wire and others but this was the closest. This is a 11 lb gun. Also Bob suggest the 12rc with 50ft extension and can always add to this sinc I am within 50'.

    What do you think??

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    Miller has a gun (the Ironmate series) for strictly self-shielded flux-cored because it has no provisions for gas shielding. But the Roughneck series is for GMAW and FCAW. It has provisions for gas shielding, so it can do solid wire with gas, flux-cored with gas, or self-shielded flux cored.

    So if you want the capability, go with the Roughneck. With your machine, I'd get model number C-3015. It's the 15-foot, 300 amp gun. But you can go shorter if you want, 10 or 12-foot also available.


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      Just checked out the Bernard website. How confusing. Short, medium long, swivel, fixed etc. 200-300-400-500-600 amp,
      Hawk/Andy don't see the model you suggested.



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        I use the 150 amp version with the swivel on the shop unit and I use the roughneck with my 8RC and usually use gas shielded wire unless it's an awfull windy day. The roughneck has the new fast tip which is also more sturdy than the standard miller tips.
        Like MAC said, go with the roughneck gun.

        Good luck!



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          One more issue, the Rough Neck and others similiar start at .035 wire therefore I assume welding thin material with the 12RC, which would say .024 wire, is out??


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            I had Bernard custom build me a special 150 amp gun made strictly for .023" gas shielded wire. They take 2-3 days to build and cost around $125. My other Bernard is the 250 amps .035"-.045" swivel gooseneck just like Andy's. I do run .045 flux core through this gun when needed. I also have a Miller M25 set up for .030" and .035" wire. I use it only for gas sheilded wire. In .035 and under I always run ER70S-6 gas shielded if possible.