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  • Water cooled torch

    Do you really need the $500 coolers for a water cooled torch? Could you either just let water flow through and discharge or recirculate through a non refrigerated heat exchanger? I have ordered a Dynasty 200dx and am considering a 20 series water cooled torch as HAWK has advised. I really do not want to spend $500 more now if I don't need too. I would probably add one later.


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    If it recirculates, then you really should cool it somehow. If you have an open loop, say from the faucet, through the torch, and into the garden, then there's no need to cool it.

    But that said, you can also build a recirculating cooler for less money, depending on how well you want to do it and how nice you want it to look.


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      You can build a cooler some cheaper, but the Coolmates are great units and designed for the long haul. Miller coolant is also available that prevents mildew and algae growth as well when in the Coolmate's closed loop system. I think it is great you are condsidering the #20 water cooled torch. I love mine. Remember to let the machine cool between arc on time at the upper end if you are going to push it hard for long periods of time. If for no other reason the DB20M25R gives you great flexibility and comfort when spending hours under the hood!

      Look at it like this: the DB20M25R and a Coolmate 3 can be had for around $665 plus regulator and torch adapter which comes in one of the torch kits-don't remember the part number-. The air cooled contractor kit will be nearly $500. That is not a lot of difference for the extreme comfort and ability to run the machine cranked out without smoking your gloves!