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  • Weld Cable Storage

    Is it ok to have your Smaw (stick) welding cable on reels or does this set up some type of induction of some kind. I want to set this up on my truck and in the shop. Maybe retractables.

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    Great question and you are right. This will cause an inductive kick that results in poor arc starts when stick welding. If you have a large amount of cable, get some quick disconnects and place them every 50ft so you can connect smaller runs of cable. You can also just pull the whole cable load off your reel and spread it out loosly on the ground. I did a job at a shipyard where they complained about starts on some units in steel racks with a bunch of wound up cable. They only were using about 10ft off the reel. When the guy struck an arc, I could place my leatherman on the rack and it would stick to it until he broke arc! Remember, anytime you take a cable and wrap it up tight, you just made a nice electromagnet/coil choke/inductor.

    Hope this helps.

    great question.