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welding thick to thin metal

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  • welding thick to thin metal

    what would you set your voltage and wire speed in order to weld 1/4" to 20 gauge sheet metal, I have a mm210 with .035 on it and a mm135 with .023, I assume you would do tacks but i need good penatration in the 1\4 but dont want to blow holes in the 20, this is cosmetic also so i dont want a ton of warpage, i am cutting the lower rocker off my body dropped truck and welding in a thicker metal so that i can drag it and throw sparks without tearing it apart, thanks in advance for your help

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    Set the machine up for 1/4 inch material, I don't have a MM210 so I don't know what the settings would be. Concentrate the bead on the 1/4 inch material and let it wash onto the thin body metal. That way you get the penetration in the 1/4 inch and the 20 ga both.

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      The setup is by the spec chart for 1/4 as blondie said hesitate on the1/4 and just stitch quick on the light and you'll probably have to back step for any larger lengths. The back stepping is just like doing thin body panels. I have done similar work but 16ga to 1/4 and I got full penetration on the thick and thin without blow out. This is a practice deal, I have seen your work and you should be able to do this with just a few practice welds.

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        Yeah that makes sense, I have a bunch of scrap metal so i will practice a bit before i start on the truck