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welding anodized alum. tubing

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  • welding anodized alum. tubing

    I welded alum. for years when I was working, but now that I have retired I need to get my own machine. Thinking about a 180 SD for welding anodized alum. tubing on Marine rails such as t-tops, or should I consider the Dynasty dx?. Are there any tricks to welding anodized?

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    The Sync 180SD is not the answer for you. Anodized is hard on a machine and you need one with some butt kicken power. The Dynasty or a larger Syncrowave would be better.



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      i was in a situation where i was practing ac tig on some 16 gauge 4043 aluminum and was making the welds come out sooo nice. I grabbed some scrap anodized 4043 tubing, about 1/4" thick, and tried it out. i had an accurate amperage setting but i could not make it look like i could with the non anodized. There must be some different settings, or a different techunique for anodized.
      anyone have any suggestions?


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        The Dynasty D300 DX is a great choice! I have the 200DX Dynasty and it is killer on anodized. I just scratch a point to start and crank up the pulse and arc frequency. The little Dynasty will kick tail and weld right through the anodized coating. The high pulse rate and tight arc fous "boil" the anodized to the top of the puddle and allow you to make a nice weld without having to grind! I only grind a very small starting point. I mentioned the 300DX because there are times I'd like to have the extra amps!


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          hi guy's new to the board here.i'm sitting on the fence about buying the 200dx or the syncro jgpotts i would be welding the same anodized tubing to 1/4" plates for boats." HAWK " will the 200dx with a water cooler still be running on the high end of the machine all of the time.will i be doing any damage to the machine running full load like that day in day out.if i get the syncro 250 what options would you get on it or would look for.



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            The duty cycle of the Dynasty 200DX at the max ouput is generously underated around 20%. I have found 40% closer to the truth. If you want to run hot all day long look at the Dynasty 300DX. Due to its wave shaping capabilities it will outweld any of the big Syncrowaves. It gives you 250 amps at 40% duty cycle. If you need more than that bypass the Syncro 250 and look at the the 350 that gives you 350 amps at 40% or 300 amps at 60% duty cycle. If it were my money I'd put it in the 300DX. The 200DX is a great machine, but is not designed to run at the top end all day long. I have done it with no apparent damage, but it was a have to case. Remember the inverter arc supplies a generous amount of extra kick over the transformer arc. The Syncro machines need 250 amps to get 1/4" aluminum and the Dynasty series will get it at near 200!


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              thanks hawk
              the 300dx is sweet machine just a heavey price $$$ for me at this time.


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                i started with the miller 180 and then bought the miller 250 now i have the dynasty 300 i used it today for the first time and i am very impressed with it so far. if you don't have the cash for it i would hold buying anything else save your money until you could get the dynasty 300
                former owner miller 180
                former owner miller 250 runner
                proud owner miller 300 dynasty


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                  miller needs to make a " 250dx inverter " help use out little. i just need a little more power then what 200dx gives like "hawk" said,i'm just trying to get to much out of one tig machine. i'm 99% sure that i'm buying the syncro 250 for now.
                  i think it would sell a 250dx.
                  the weight is one thing 400lbs vs.50 lbs.i like the idea of the 200dx power option too 110/220/440. like for moble work without running my generator and power cords all over sometimes you just cant do it imagine just plug in and go. basically i'm just being cheap because i'll end up buying the two of them syncro 250 for my shop and 200dx one for the road later on.
                  well its just a dream



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                    There is another version of the Dynasty in the works. However, it is not a 250 amp machine like you are looking for. I do not believe a Dynasty 250 would be viable cost effective addition to the Dynasty line up. THe production cost of the 250 and the 300 would probably be very similar.

                    I must agree with rancidmilk that saving your money for the D300DX is your best option. Otherwise you will be disappointed in the long run! You just cannot believe this machine's capabilites. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to weld with the Dynasty 300DX It creates a puddle on thick walled cylinder heads in a matter of seconds and you are ready to begin adding filler. It is amazing! I love my 200DX, but the 300DX is a different animal all together in what it can do with the extra amperage output. Add a little helium and 1" webbing is easily weldable. Hang loose and get the Dynasty 300DX! It will run circles around the Syncrowave series.


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                      thanks guys for getting back to me. hawk i just read what you do with your 200dx and sounds awesome.i'm going to dealer and ask if anyone in my area has 300dx and ask to give it try.


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                        It's a lot of money, but you will be very happy with the product. I can remember 3 versions of the Dynasty 300 and the one out now is totally awesome!