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Which TIG machine to buy?

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  • Which TIG machine to buy?

    I am trying to decide between a Syncrowave 250 and the Dynasty 200
    I have never used the inverter types and am looking for advice from people that have used both. This will be for home hobby work, welding steel and aluminum from .030 up to maybe 3/16.
    Thanks, John

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    The Dynasty is definitely my soap box! It is small, light, and easy to move. It takes up no room to speak of. It will run on 240VAC house current on a 30 amp circuit and give you full output. It's power input range is 100-500 volts 1 or 3 phase. It will easily do 3/16" and I have done up to 1/4" fillets with the addition of helium to the argon (75he/25ar). It has arc frequency adjustment up to 250HZ and balance adjustment to 99% electrode negative. The DX model has pulse and sequence which is as handy on .065" and thinner as well as increasing arc stability. The high pulse rate can be used to weld anodized without grinding or float impurites out of cast or poor alloys that are otherwise not easily weldable. The machine has a hidden menu allowing you to start the arc at any amperage needed other than the welding amperage as well as a number of other tricks. I could write a book on what this machine is capable of doing, but will refrain-get one and you too will be in awe of what it can do.

    I even went so far as to add a Coolmate and Diamond Back 20 torch to my D200DX for extended welding time and comfort.

    The Syncro 250 is a nice machine, but does not have the wave shaping capacity of the Dynasty. It is a large machine and will take up some garage space. I also draws more power.

    Happy EASTER and trust in the Lord.


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      While on this subject, I have a problem welding transmission cases as the metal has a tendency to , what I call "evaporate". Trying to get a puddle then all of a sudden youn get burn thru. I am using the MM Sync 250. Does the Dynasty offer a feature which will resolve this or is the case "ME".



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        I think what you are experiencing is adding too much current too quickly to get your puddle. In your case when it puddles the you get the burn through. I would try preheating the trans case area around the weld. Then apply current via your pedal in a slow and steady manner just until your puddle looks like it is about to form. Now swirl your torch in a counter clockwise motion until you get a good puddle, add filler and advance the torch. Do not continue to swirl. At this point your case should be hot enough to push the torch in a straight line. If you see that orange color in the case it's close to 1100 degress F and fixing to melt. If so, back off the pedal.

        The Dynasty or Syncr-250 both have the machine control to do what you want. Although the pulse feature of the D200DX would be handy if the cast cases are really dirty. Let me know if this cures your problem.


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          Thanks, will try pre-heat as I have never done this. I have a temp infrared gun. What temp should I shoot for??

          Thanks in Advance


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            200-300 degrees. Heat it evenly and not too fast.


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              thanks for the advise, I have decided to get the Dynasty 200DX.
              I will be back for help in learning to use it

              Thanks again,

              John Collier


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                You Won't Be Sorry

                With the Dynasty. I think they are the best machine going, I may be partial though.
                Mike. R

                Dynasty 300dx tig runner w/ 3 torch Versa-Tig torch changer {wt-20f, wt-24f, mt-125}
                MM 251/30a/4015 roughneck
                Miller portable spot welder
                Inferno >>> Big Window Elite


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                  Re: You Won't Be Sorry

                  Originally posted by Blackplague
                  With the Dynasty. I think they are the best machine going, I may be partial though.
                  I am definitely biased and the Dynasty series is definitely the best! The D300DX will outweld any TIG machine on the market with the possible exception of the Aerowave which has the added feature independant wave cycle current control.