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  • 12RC & 12vs

    Have decided to return the MM135 I just bought and buy the 12rc for my Trailblazer 280nt. "BR Welders" are the greatest as Bob there is concerned you get what you need:

    1: What are the differences between the two (12rc vs 12vs)?
    2: Does the 12Rc have the meters?
    3: What leads or other necessities do I need etc: extension cords?
    4: How long of leads can I run?
    5: Which gun should I buy?
    6: Is this the "BEST" suitcase (12RC) of all the Miller suitcases I can buy?

    7: Finally, if I ad a "spool gun " to this setup I will be ready for just about any mobile work, RIGHT??

    Response asap would be great as I intend to do this Monday or Tuesday.

    Thanks in Advance

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    The 12VS is a voltage sensing feeder and would be good for a machine that does not accept the 14 pin feeders such as the Bobcat. It will not run nearly as smooth a short arc as will the 12RC. It is a nice feeder, but get the RC for your machine. This way you can run great short arc, flux core and spray arc if the need arises.

    Since you have the Trailblazer get the 12RC. It will run directly off your 14 pin connector. It does have meters, but only the wire speed function will be active when running from the Trailblazer. There is a voltage sense kit you can get to make the meters function with the Trailblazer, but it is more hassle than anything. Forget it and just weld! Order a 14 pin extension cord, I use the 75' cord, to connect it to to your TB280. Part number 122 975 will work for the 12 RC and also the 30A spool gun if you ever get one to "complete" your mobile rig. Connect the 14 pin extension cord from you feeder to the Trailblazer, connect the stinger cable to the hot lead on the 12RC and the ground clamp to your work.

    I have a 250 amp Bernard Mig gun. It is my favorite gun. It has a swivel nut allowing the gooseneck to rotate 360 degrees, a 1/2 turn on and off contact tip lock up, is made by an ITW company . ITW owns Miller. What more can you ask for. Andy also has this same gun and he really likes it for turning the gooseneck nozzle up and working underneath the race cars. I think the part number is Q3512-A.

    I have connected 2 75' cords together for 150 run and it works great. Be careful on the cords (14 pin)because they are close to $200 per 75' cord assembly.

    The 12RC is the best remote control, true CV, high amperage/duty cycle Miller suitcase money can buy! It is rated at 500 amps/100% duty cycle. The wire speed is adjustable form 75-700 inches per minute. This will allow you to run wires from .023 gas shielded to 5/64" flux cored.


    Get the 12RC, the 122 975 14 pin extension cord, and a spool of .035 ER70S-6 gas shielded wire and you will absolutely love it. It rocks! I kept mine when I sold my mobile rig and use it in my shop. Let us know how it turns out.

    Tell Bob at BR what you are doing and he will get you fixed up.