Just recently purchased a Miller Elite Stars and Stripes welding helmet, to replace a Hornell Speedglass 9000X. Needless to say I'm very happy with the new Miller Helmet.

I build roll cages and chassis for drag racing and am often in a position with blocked, or partial visibiltiy to where I'm welding with the older Hornell helmet I would often get flashed. ( I understand that Hornell has come out with helmet that work better with lower amp welding). The other problem I had with the Hornell helmet was the helmet stops kept popping out of position eaving me with a helmet that was either to low and on my face. The 9000X is a light helmet.

On the new Miller Elite Helmet I really like how it has 4 independent sensors. Trying out the helmet I blocked over 75% of the lense and the auto darking feature worked flawless. The helmet head gear and stop also seem to be a little bit more sturdy than of the Hornell.

The only complaint is the stars and stripes scheme looks to good and unfortunatly with me won't look that way forever.