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bluestar 6000 Acc.

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  • bluestar 6000 Acc.

    I have a bluestar 6000 I would like to know if there is anything I can add on to it to make it work as a wire feed for autobody.

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    I think the 3045FC wirefeeder works on that model bluestar. Correct me if I'm wrong


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      Excellent Reply!

      The 3045FC will run off the BS6000's arc voltage. However, the DC output of the BS is not real clean so the short arc may be too rough for body panels. If you get the 3045FC be sure to get the optional gas kit for bare wire.


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        How hard is it to bodywork with a stick like the BS6000 that I have.or theres no way of doing this.


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          Are you going to be doing a lot of body work? If so, take a look at a MM210. If this is an occasional thing, you can run a 1/16" 6013 rod down hill with a pretty quick travel rate. If you want more info, then let us know.


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            I;m not doing a lot of bodywork but what else can you tell me about welding autobody with sick.I don't want anything to expensive cause I just so much on this BS6000.


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              The 1/16" 6013 rods run best on DCSP or AC. Since the BS is DC only put your ground clamp on the + and electrode holder on the -. If you don' like the way they burn, then swap the leads. Different machines act different. You will have less penetration and burn through with downhill progression on your verticals. Also try to weave the rod a bit from side to side to help minimize burn through. 3/32" 7014 rods may be an option for you as well. They are good at filling gaps where poor fit up is a problem. They also burn better on DCSP, but may be too hot for your body panels.

              A less expensive alternative might be a Millermatic 135 or Lincoln SP135+. The Lincoln can be found at Lowe's and Home Depot in the $400 range. The Miller 135 can be found on special in welding supply houses with a cart and cylinder rack for around $575-$600. These machines are excellent for 1/8" and thinner material. They also perform well on 3/16".