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    I am a student at my local techinical schools welding shop. I have been practicing Ac tig for a week strait and i have a few questions. I am practicing with strips of 1.5" by 6" 4043 alum. and have ben using a puls tig machine. (with the pulse on high) This was not a miller machine, and i cannot recal what type of machine it was) I am very consistant with the height and width of the bead, but i am having trouble with the pattern. I am using a push meathod with a 75 degree angle, keeping the torch perpindicular side to side. The beads i am making are coming out very smooth and do not have the desired ripple effect that i want.
    Also:i am getting the kind of pattern that i want when i butt two of these pieces together and butt weld them, it is only when i just run a bead on the flat material
    thank you,
    Any help would be appriciated

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    Without seeing your work here is my first thought. I assume you are getting the puddle, adding filler, then moving the torch forward without swirling your torch. This is correct and your angle sounds close. If this is the case perhaps you are not moving the torch far enough forward between filler additions. If you are moving the torch very little between filler additions you are allowing the arc to let the filler flow out overwashing the puddle making your freeze lines run together. The weld is good, it just won't have the ripples you are desire.

    What material thickness are you welding? What are your pulse settings? Why the high pulse rate unless you are trying to float impurites to the top or the material is anodized.

    Also if you are getting the pattern you want with a butt weld and not on stringer beads on a practice plate, maybe your amperage is set a bit too high???

    I can tell you a lot more if I can see your work. Can you post some pictures?


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      I RUN THE PULSE AT .5 HTZ AND i get great results, but i would really try to get away from the pulse setting, especially at your early stage of your welding skill

      pulse has a time and place but you are going ot end up fouling your self up when you cannot afford or have acess to a machine with pulse ability !!

      i am really glad that i had to use 30 year old linde tigs to hone my tig skill now i have acess to a pulse machine and i just smoke the guys around me...........


      try the circle circle dip technque, on some 1/8 material


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        Thank you both for your replies. I am going to take this all into account and im sure taht i will get ther results that i want