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Prepping car rotisserie for paint...

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  • Prepping car rotisserie for paint...

    I have the rotisserrie built, but the areas I didn't weld have rust and mil scale.

    I used 1/4" triangular bracing, and am wonderring the best way to prep for paint.

    I have green roloc bristle disks that can get most of the rectangular and round pipe (pivots) and intend to use OSPHO.

    Would the roloc disks be the best way? If not, what would you recommend?

    I have a small pressure sandblaster that I can use, but would have to use sand, this could be used for the corners/areas that the roloc disks won't get to. Would like to minimize the use of the blaster because I don't want to upset neighbors more than I have by using Chop Saw and Drill Press beyond what is absolutely necessary.

    Since I have never sandblasted before, I have no idea how much I would need, so will just get one bag to start. Will not be sifting it - just putting it into the yard.

    I intend to paint it with Rustoleum - probably Safety Yellow or John Deere Yellow - whatever Home Depot has.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Brad, I use the 4 1/2" flap wheels on my elec grinder they do a nice job, also the 2 1/2" roll lock discs on my air grinder. For paint on my outdoor wrought iron jobs I use the implement paint from my local farm store covered over primer it lasts well..Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Brad sifting the sand is easy an retrieval is easy also.
      I use a pair of cheap blue tarps one as a back stop theother held up in the corners like a bowl. If you have a DA sander you can get a real smooth finish with 220 or 320 grit. AAmetalmaster is right about the flap discs they work great and they would be cheaper than rolocs for as much material as you have to finish. Just don't stay in one place too long or you will cut in ridges. The flaps come in different grits like sandpaper 36,60,80,120,220,320 are the ones I've seen. Send us a pic when its done I'd like to see it.
      Good luck,