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Teach teenagers welding.

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  • Teach teenagers welding.


    My son Andy, just won the Montgomery County Art comptetition with his Miller welder and earned $500. He entered a wrought box with vine and a 300 pound coffee table . (He also got accepted to Rice U last week.) He would like to learn TIG.

    Anyone know of any good classes or apprenticeships or learning postitions for a month in the summer in Houston?

    By the way the kids at Andy's school learn to mig weld in Art class and Andy's friends are busy this weekend welding a robot for their robot competition next week.

    Seems to be a great way to keep kids busy and doing good things.

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    Thats great that your son is eager to learn and you are right it will keep kids doing good. I am not in your area but check with the tech college some offer summer mini courses for college credit.

    Hope this helps.


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      Check with the high schools, up here in Stevens Point you learn MIG/SMAW and Gas welding in 9th grade, and you continue from there, and in 11th grade you learn TIG. Like PJ said, check the colleges or tech schools.