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  • For those with a mobile setup

    What equipment do you carry, and what size truck do you carry it on? How do you mount your engine drive units? Esp the Trailblazer 301's
    It's not the voltage that gets you, it's the amps.

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    You're going to get 1,914 different answers to this one....

    My TB301 is mounted on a trailer that I built out of 4" channel. It is bolted to the channel and the nuts are welded to the bolts on the bottom side. The trailer is a single axle, 10'4" plus the tongue. The TB is mounted with centerline aft of the axle, and my O/A outfit next to it, behind the axle as well. I used a 4" dropped axle, and sprung it under for minimum deck height. The controls for the TB are easily accessed while standing next to the trailer. A chop saw is mounted to the right rear corner and I have a set of "tracks" that my flat wagon rides in. I can pull the wagon off the trailer, tow it anywhere (large pneumatic tires,) and it contains my Miller 80A wire feeder, as well as my Spectrum plasma cutter and a mounted toolbox.

    Between the TB and the tongue is a large plywood box that I custom built with center-hinged top, sliding trays and the bottom is full of milk-type crates, each holding various types of tools for different jobs.

    I tow it with a Ford F-250 with a 460 V-8. I used to keep it all in the truck, but I'm a one-truck operation, so I needed the truck bed for other things too often. But the extended cab has the seat folded down, and I built a wooden storage unit in the back of the cab that holds my DeWalt air compressor, and several power and hand tools that I never want to be without.


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      Mobile Truck

      I worked mostly heavy equipt and roadside truck work when I had mine.K-30 chev,454/built TH400,180"wb rework for 14000GVW.12' custom bed.Torch locker built into step on rf corner,rs was G-250 Hobart with cable rack,last3'of deck for what-ever.LF corner was 20cfm diesel compressor,6' side box,LR corner was large road [email protected]' in center was open for whatever. Head board had holders for air lines,extra cable,ext cords,etc.Large heavy rear bumoer with large vise mounted on rs and 2000# jib crane on ls.It would let me do any thing and go any where but past a gas station,If I ever do it again it will be a diesel.


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        Here is a picture of my mobile set up. I sold my business within the last month, but here is a recent photo of my set up. It is in a 3/4 ton, extended cab, 8' bed Chevy with the Duramax diesel and an Allison transmission. As you can see it is crowded, but worked well.

        I carried enough equipment to run SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, PAC, CAC-A, etc. I was really surprised how much aluminum work is out there. I always kept a spool gun and a Dynasty 200DX powered from my Trailblazer. Once you do a job and don't have something you need, then you will buy it and have it for the next time. Do this a few times and you will be well equipped.
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          Why did you sell your business? Just wondering if its the customer base thats going away or something else.

          I was looking (for later on) at either a Ford F250HD or F350. I started looking at the F150, but was wondering if it would be underpowered.
          It's not the voltage that gets you, it's the amps.


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            It was a good business with a large customer base. I just grew tired of the heavy work. A lot of jobs required working with heavy "W" beams, large thick walled tubing and large diameter rolled steel. Other jobs were smaller, but in tight difficult places like underground utility boxes.

            I learned to TIG on an old Lincoln Ideal Arc and had always loved the process. After spending time with the Dynasty I realized this is what I wanted to do more of while spending less time in the mobile business.

            When this new industrial sales job came my way I just could not pass it by. It is the best of both worlds. The sales job fills my need for dealing with people and the TIG work satisfies my welding desires. I am fortunate to have kept some of my good customers that I did TIG work for. I also kept a handful of customers in large plants where I can simply grab a multi-process inverter or TIG machine, wire directly into a 3 phase box and do the work.

            I think the 3/4 or 1 ton pick up with a bed is a good way to start. This way if the business does not work out for you, the truck is still a very useful and/or marketable item. If you start into this business with a flatbed equipped strictly for welding and you want to sell out, particularly in the begininng, it will take a specialty buyer for your truck.


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              The Trailblazer is a nice unit. I really liked mine. However, don't take the plunge without looking at the PRO 300D and the Pipe Pro 304! They have some great features to offer. Miller has a lot of good engine drives on the market and I would seriously consider upgrading from the TB301G if you can afford it. The deluxe CC/CV Big 40 looks like great unit also.


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                The f150 wouldn't be down on power just light on suspension with the weight of an engine driven unit it would squat pretty bad. My f150 gets the heavy work ok but it has over loads from an f250. This is not a mobile welding unit with the weight on it all the time, but the power issue it will handle. Constant weight is harder on it than occasional overloading would be. Just an opinion don't send any arrows or bullits, thanks.



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                  iso50, HAWK & Pjseaman,

                  I think iso could possibly get by for a short time with the F150 provided he had everything mounted on a very well balanced trailer with brakes on all wheels. However if the business takes off it's time to upgrade the truck!!!

                  I built my mobile rig in 1980 and made a few mistakes. My engine drive was a Big 40 it's a sweet welding machine, in fact it's the sweetest DC machine I've ever used and I've used a lot of DC welders but it's a heavy sucker. I built my rig on a 1980 Ford F350 cab & chassis. At the time the 450's and 550's weren't yet available.

                  By the time I mounted the welder and torches and double stacks of 8' Morrison tool boxes and all of the grinders, drills and other equipment I needed the truck was overloaded. I should have either taken the truck and had the rear suspension beefed up before I started or used aluminum where I could on the bed.

                  My second mistake was in the engine department I got a truck with a 351 4 bbl. I was told it was going to be the M (Montreal) version instead it came with the W (Windsor) version. Don't get me wrong the 351W is a good motor, I have one in my 86 F250 with 236k on it. It just wasn't enough motor to haul 10,000# of truck and equipment through the hills of southern Ohio and West Virginia. I wasn't offered a diesel version or I'd have taken that engine, I should have gone with the 460 I think the mileage would have been the same either way, lousy.

                  My worst mistake though was insurance!! I thought I had enough insurance to cover the truck, welder and tools. WRONG!! I trusted my insurance agent would hook me up with the insurance I needed. After all I told him how I was using the truck when I took the policy out. I had bought everything brand new and had a good business going and was not only making the payments and a wage but was starting to see some extra at the end of the last 2 months. When it was just under a year old someone decided they needed my mobile rig worse than I did and I woke up one morning and headed out to work and the truck was gone!!! I still think my ex wife had something to do with it's disappearance but that's another story for another discussion group.

                  I reported the theft to the police and my insurance company. The insurance company paid off in about a month, but it's what they paid off, the truck only none of my tools or welding equipment was covered. I was sick! and out of a job. Since I had extended myself to the max credit wise I couldn't borrow for another rig and used equipment was hard to find at best, ebay and personal computers weren't even here yet. So I had to bite the bullet and go back to working for someone else again.

                  No matter which welder you have or get or which truck you end up with or how many other pieces of equipment you carry with you. Please make you are insured for the full value of everything. I'd hate to see someone else make my mistake and lose it all needlessly!

                  Good luck with your mobile welding venture.

                  Blondie (Owner C & S Automotive)

                  Colt the original point & click interface!

                  Millermatic 35 with spot panel
                  Miller 340A/BP
                  Victor O/A torches
                  Lincoln SP125
                  Too many other tools to list

                  03 Ram 1500
                  78 GS1000
                  82 GL1100 Interstate


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                    Welder Mount

                    I have a 2000 Ford F-550 with a IMT Nine foot service body and a 7500# IMT Hydraulic crane,I have a two foot platform between the bed and cab with my TB 301D mounted on the drivers side and a compressor mounted on the passengers side. When I mounted the welder I used UHMW blocks to isolate the welder so I can weld parts in the vise that is mounted on the truck and weld parts held in place with the crane.
                    I wanted to show pictures of my truck but I am not smart enough to figure out how to attach them.


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                      Me too on the posting of pics can not quite get it right.


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                        what you do to attach the at the bottom of the reply space, you will see "Attach File: Maximum size 102400bytes" and then a field with a browse button. Hit the browse button, and a screen will popup. Find the file on your harddrive and hit the open button on the popup screen. I'll come back in 10 and post pictures how to do it


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                          picture test

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                            It worked!!!

                            Thanks For the help, I guess an old dog can learn new tricks. Tomorrow I will take some pics showing the welder side of the truck.


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                              Good job! Nice looking truck!