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12rc VS mm135

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  • 12rc VS mm135

    I just got a new MM135. Seems I have always used the 115 vc units more in the shop as they are handier also. Have a MM Vintage and MM 172 and they are set up to cover the full range.
    Have used a "RED" 115vc unit from my 280NT Trailblazer. Other than a 12RC running off the CC of the Trailblazer, what does it have over a MM135 as far as flexibilty of uses????

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    The 12RC would actually run off the CV side of the Trailblazer and would allow you to use the full power of the welder where as the MM135 tops out around 130 amps. Plus when running long distances from the welder, an extension cord will kill the 135's output.
    The 12RC is also heavier duty and can take the travel abuse and can run the heavier wires better than the MM135's little drive motor.

    Is this what you were asking?



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      The 12RC hooks to the Trailblazer via a 14 pin connector. Typically an extension cord of 25',50',or 75'long is used as the pigtail on the suitcase is about 13" long. As Andy stated it runs in the true CV mode and is able to handle of all the power the TB280 or TB301 is capable of dishing out. I have run my Trailblazer full bore at 325+ amps at a 60% duty cycle and the 12RC just cranked out the 5/64" flux cored E71T-1 wire without any problem.

      The 12RC suitcase feeder is capable of 500 amps at 100% duty cycle. It will also handle up to the 44 lb 12" wire spools and up to 5/64" diameter wire. Its output is dependant on what powersource is used to drive it. Some good options are the Trailblazer series and Pipe Pro engine drives, ALT and XMT series inverters, the Pulsed MIG Invision, and any other 14 pin connector equipped constant voltage power source capable of providing 24VAC.

      It is much more versatile and geared for industrial applications where the little MM135 is more of a "light weight" in house repair unit limited to about 3/16" mild steel in a single pass.

      This is a bit long winded, but may add to what Andy is telling you. I recently sold out of the mobile business including my Trailblazer, but kept my 12RC and love having it in my shop!


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        Can the "Suitcases" be run off any other machine than the Trailblazer, such as my MM Vintage or Synchro 250.??


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          It will not run from your Vintage or Syncrowave. It will run off the ALT304, XMT CC/CV series, Pipe Pro 304, Invision, CP252TS, CP302, and the Deltaweld series. I have probably missed one or two, but that is most of them.