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  • replace ment lenses

    i have the miller matic welding helmet and i been having problems with the lenses on the inside of the helmet cracking i have alredy replaced the lenses 1 in each of the helmets wile it was under warrenty. im not abusive to them because i cant afford to replace them, and i dont leave them out in the cold.
    any info on a replacement lense cost would be appreciated
    sincerely jason

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    I have not seen any cracked...???? I really abuse some of my helmets and the most I get is scratches. The lense covers are cheap or are you talking about the electronic part??

    The numbers are-
    770240 for the out side and 770237 for the inside. These are for the XLI series hoods. The XLix helmet numbers are: 770241 outside and 770237 inside.

    The electronic lense number is 770238 (XLi) or 770239 (XLix)

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.



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      the lense has always cracked on the inside so i dont understand why it would crack on the inside. 1 of the helmets fell off a chair on to a carpeted floor at college i was not to happy that it cracked from a 18 inch fall

      yes the electronic lense
      does anyone have any prices?