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Who makes a good drill press?

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    I have an Ohio Forge "Pro Series" table top I inherited from my late father in law when we cleaned out his workshop. I have had it 13yrs and it's been doing just fine for me - even using hole saws many times (1.75" saw through 1/8" and thicker)

    Also have a Delta 17-900 floor model I scooped up from the wood working neighbor. He was about to scrap it, but it ran perfect, but only one quill handle was left. He said I could have it since I give him my scrap metal he separates and recycles for cash.

    Both say "Made in Taiwan", which tools stamped "China" seem to be less well made in my eyes.

    I agree with the others. A drill press is one of those tools you really can't screw up. Just make sure you get one a bit bigger or more powerful than you need.

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      This is what I have, I got mine from Amazon, no shipping cost.

      It's been a good tool, had to replace the switch once, they sent it to me the next day for free.

      If you must have accuracy you'll have to invest in a better chuck than the chuck that comes on new machines.

      They are not kidding when the say heavy massive head, it takes two men or a chain fall to put it on the column.
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        My $2XX Ridgid from Home Depot has been getting the job done for 15+ years.

        The drilling is the easy part. The things that will make it a more friendly tool with be the quality in the table movement and drill stop adjustments.

        As for speed adjustments, my press has been set on its slowest speed for as long as I've owned it.

        Oh, and make this your next tool:


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          I have a floor model sears wood drill press I bought back in 1986. I got tired of when drilling tubing or thicker steel the top hole and bottom hole/holes were never on the same plane due to it's cheap table flexing, and table holding hardware not capable of doing it's job.
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            This is my pick for a heavy duty drill press. I have had this model for years. Excellent tool and company
            Ellis Drill Presses operate with infinitely variable speed control while maintaining high torque at all speeds.


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              I own a Rockwell-Delta variable speed 15 inch drill press and it is 100% American made.
              I have owned it for years without a single problem.
              This drill press cost me $1495 in 1985 and this quality piece is no longer made as everything has gone to be made in Asia. Some of that stuff is OK but much is junk.
              So, I would look for a good used model of what I have, and while it will still be costly, the member asked what we considered the best machine and I have to cast my vote for the Rockwell-Delta 15 (or 20) inch machine.
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       purchased in the late 60's on lay-a-way if your old enough to know what that is?........still in the shop still drilling holes daily, Just replaced the belt which is a little skinny thing for the first time...................I would watch Craigs list........the old US made stuff is still better.


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                  Im very happy with the used Wilton/Arboga gear head drill press i picked up off craigslist not long ago. Really nice to be able to go way down in the low range for larger diameter holes in stainless. Its the A2608. Got it for 900 + moving costs. More than i wanted to spend, but so far its been the best drill press I've ever worked with. Heavy t-slot table is key for set ups. Bigger column than most machines too.


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                    I have a harbor freight type drill press bought if for $75 new in 1978. the handle to crank the table is broken off the gear rack on the side has been gone 20 plus years, it's on maybe its 4th belt but the darn thing still drills holes straight. I also have a 20" westward from Grainger $900, it came with brand new bad bearings in the head. Grainger sent me a replacement drill press right away. It is 5 years old and works really well. It came with a nifty laser to line up on your hole only the drill bit lands about a 1/16" away from the laser spot (worthless option). Your best option for High quality I agree with the masses here to save $$$ go with used made in USA


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                      Originally posted by mschjone View Post
                      Fellow Welding Guys and Gals:

                      We all know Miller makes the best welder in the world. Snap-0n, Mac, Matco, etc. makes a good wrench. I am going to buy a drill press and my research hasn't produced any results on a high quality drill press. Delta, JET, Dayton, Grizzly, Rockwell any others? In your opinion what's the best drill press out there? As for size I'm talking about the 3/4 to 1 hp. versions. Thanks in advance for your much needed info.

                      Check Hitachi, had a floor standing model once it was a great price on sale $160 and worked pretty good, don;t know if it meets your criteria or not but worth looking at.


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                        This is such an old post revived, but still relevant enough....<br />
                        <br />
                        It all comes down to budget. I'd love to own an Ellis. Can I justify one? Probably if I drink enough whiskey. So you just get the best you can in your price point. Or buy some old beater and make her chooch again.


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                          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
                          This is such an old post revived, but still relevant enough....<br />
                          <br />
                          This old post was revived by a spammer posting his crap and I removed it. Then it continues on because its dug up now. Still some good info even if old. Hey I am old ...Bob
                          Bob Wright


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                            That Ellis is like a $3500 drill press, nice and all but.... Screw that, I can buy a sweet used Bridgeport for half that...with a pile of tooling.

                            I'm pretty happy with my Horrible Freight 20" floor model 12spd. with a 20 or 25% off coupon it's like $400. The other slightly smaller models with coupon are $200 or $300
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                              You might be old, Bob, but you're still relevant too.


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                                But there is still space for questions like why to pay $3.5K if I get in just $1K. I see some new brands offer less price than older brands and the quality is also good! It all depends on your research work/homework.

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