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  • getting started...need advice

    hows everybody .im just getting started with my own shop.i would greatly apriciate any advice on mobile units.mainly for pipe and some structual...also what is a good hourly rate to charge? dont wont to get into a(cut troat game with local shops),but still be current shop charge is 25.00 mig,30.00 stick,and 35.00 this reasonable? any advice apriciated. not the best,but better than average

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    I'd say your really selling your self cheap at 25,30 and 35 per hour.
    On repair work that I do, mig only it doesn't even come inside for less than $25 and $50 an hour there after. There is a mathmatical formula for figuring this but you need an accountant to explain it to you.

    Good luck on your enterprise.


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      I just got out of the mobile business after a decade or so. I did anything and everything from gas piping to edge of dock levelers. I ran several engines drives during this time, but found the best all around machine to be the Miller Trailblazer 301G. I had it equipped with 400' of 2/0 lead to get anywhere I needed to go, a 12RC true CV wire feeder capable of 44lb spools, 30A spoolgun for aluminum, XR push/pull feeder for big aluminum jobs, 2 arc gouging torches for up to a 1/4" carbon rod, high freq box to tig-finally decided to run a Dynasty 200DX for tig to get more control-even in the field. I also ran a 2050 plasma cutter. This is probably the ultimate general purpose mobile set up. I never found a job I could not handle. I also carried a large gas dirve compressor, hydraulic jacks and porta power, box full of grinders, rods, wire, clamps, etc.

      My rates ranged for $55/HR when just getting going up to $75/HR when I sold out. I still do considerable shop GTAW at $75/HR with a 1/2 hour minimum charge. I will do stick hardfacing or GMAW as required on occasion, but now stay pretty much with GTAW.

      The mobile work is fascinating and fun. I loved it, but I got older and it got old too! I am just finalizing my affairs on getting out of the mobile rig. I can honestly say it has been very rewarding and profitable. However, time spent and history made I am glad it is over. I wish you the best. As PJ said you are selling yourself way short with those $25/HR to $35/HR rates. I wont strike an arc on any machine for less than $37.50 plus tax as a minimum. Remember you have to account for overhead: Equipment, insurance, training, certification-there is a recent post on this subject-please read, shop rent, electricity,and a number of other things that creep into a business as you get going. On the mobile end don't forget machine wear and tear and the same for your vehicles. It always costs money to make money. The mobile welding business is no exception.

      If I had to purchase a mobile engine drive today to go into the business and planned to stay 10+ years, I would have to choose the Pro300D. It will do all you need less AC TIG. Hook a Dynasty 200DX to the 12KW aux power and you now have it all less the compressor for around $11K-less accessories. If you have the extra cash, the BibgBlue Air Pak runs in around $20K with a built in scew drive IR compressor-again less accessories. Take a look and think it over. I really enjoyed it, but am glad to have a change of pace. Do it while you are young and can swing the heavy iron. There will be a day you too will sell out and try something different. Blondie and I are both at that age and stage. I wish you the very best of luck. If you have specific question, I'll be more than happy to help you: I am on this forum or you may email me through this forum. Again I wish you the very best.